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How Manchester United’s performance has been impacted by the absence of Casemiro and Eriksen

Erik ten Hag's first season as Manchester United's head coach has been filled with difficulties, but even that would be an understatement.

Erik ten Hag’s first season as Manchester United’s head coach has been filled with difficulties, but even that would be an understatement.

Ten Hag has guided his team beyond challenges despite setbacks like losing the first two games under his direction and the controversy surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo prior to the World Cup. After falling behind 1-0 to Fulham, United came back to defeat them 3-1 to advance to the FA Cup semi-finals. They also defeated Barcelona to advance to the Europa League quarterfinals.

Ten Hag has effectively guided United to their first championship in six years despite these challenges, and the advantages have exceeded the drawbacks. His coaching successes are all the more impressive in light of the difficulties he has overcome in a relatively short period of time.

Even though the season is about to conclude, Manchester United’s problems are still present and show no indications of abating.

Erik ten Hag has had another setback as a result of Casemiro’s recent red card against Southampton, which was his second in only three Premier League games.

The majority of people believe that Casemiro, who was acquired from Real Madrid last August, is United’s best player this year. He has fixed the team’s recent midfield issues and instilled a fresh winning mentality in a group that had been lacking it. He has served as the team’s linchpin, bringing a defensive presence to the middle of the field that had been lacking for a while.

Manchester United’s performance has suffered as a result of Casemiro’s absence because of how much they depend on him. After United’s 7-0 loss to Liverpool, Jamie Carragher’s analysis made this clear. When Casemiro is absent or performing poorly, according to Carragher, United’s performance suffers as well.

This was once more noticeable during their most recent game against Fulham, where They lacked control and struggled to control the game.

After Christian Eriksen’s injury in January, which took him off during the FA Cup fourth-round encounter against Reading, United has also struggled to maintain control of games. With Casemiro, Eriksen was given the responsibility of aiding in the club’s midfield troubles after moving to Old Trafford last summer.

Although he was first signed as an offensive midfielder, Erik ten Hag changed him into a No. 8 playmaker who lays deep. Eriksen will sadly probably be out until the end of April.


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