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Zimbabwean chief wants Mugabe’s remains exhumed

A Zimbabwean traditional chief has requested for the remaining parts of previous late ruler Robert Mugabe to be unearthed from his rustic home and be covered in the public burial ground.

A duplicate of the decision in the neighborhood Shona language expressed, “I give powers to those who are permitted by law to exhume the late Robert Mugabe’s remains from Kutama and rebury them at the National Heroes Acre in Harare.”

Mugabe, who passed on in 2019, had refused to be buried at the National Heroes Acres in Harare over feelings of trepidation that a few people particularly his political adversaries may take his remaining parts and use them in customary ceremonies.

A week ago, the previous pioneer’s widow, Grace Mugabe was requested by a conventional court to part with five cows and two goats for having covered her better half in a way considered unseemly.

She is blamed for having buried her better half (husband), who kicked the bucket in 2019 at 95 years old, in the yard of her origin in Kutama, 90 km west of the capital Harare.

Columnists couldn’t go to the conference, as the company of the conventional boss said that he needed “some protection”. Boss Zvimba, conceived Stanley Mhondoro, guaranteed that Robert Mugabe should be covered in an area picked by his mom or the family he was brought into the world with.

Boss Zvimba who is responsible for Mugabe’s rustic region, Kutama, said he had gotten various whines from the family individuals about the way in which Mugabe was covered.

Mugabe’s family through their representative, Leo Mugabe, dismissed the decision asserting that boss Zvimba needs purview over Kutama and all the more so on the matter.

Neighborhood reports assert the customary bosses do have the last saying on numerous nearby matters however this is the first run through a boss has given a judgment on entombment rights.


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