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Zaake was fired as a Parliament Commissioner.

Zaake was fired as a Parliament Commissioner and was compelled to apologize to the Deputy Speaker, among other things.

Francis Zaake, a Mityana Municipality MP, was ousted as a Parliament Commissioner on Thursday after being found guilty of misconduct for insulting tweets addressed against the deputy Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among.

Zaake was referred to Parliament’s Rules, Privileges, and Discipline Committee for investigation, and on Thursday, committee chairperson and Bugweri County MP Abdu Katuntu submitted a report finding Zaake guilty of wrongdoing.

“In his own words, he was astonished and greatly saddened by the Deputy Speaker’s statements.” Hon. Zaake may have brought a substantial motion to call the Rt. Hon. Speaker’s conduct and statements into question.

As a result, the committee believes his behavior was improper and amounted to misbehavior and misconduct as a Member of Parliament,” Katuntu said in parliament on Thursday.

As a result, the House adopted the majority report, which was written by Parliament’s Rules, Privileges, and Discipline Committee.

Later, Roland Ndyomugyenyi, a Rukiga County MP, asked that the House change the majority committee report to find Zaake unable to occupy the office of Commissioner of Parliament and relieve him of his responsibilities to “safeguard the sanctity of the House.”


Following the majority report, a group of opposition lawmakers lead by Butambala District Woman MP Aisha Kabanda expressed their displeasure with Katuntu’s panel.

She insisted that Zaake is innocent, but she demanded an apology from the legislator.

“It is the committee’s opinion that this House finds him not guilty of this charge.” Hon Zaake Francis should apologize to the House, according to the committee. For the smooth running of Parliament and the avoidance of undue stress, we propose reconciliation amongst the parties involved,” Kabanda added.

The minority report, however, was not adopted by parliament.

As a result, Bardege-Layibi Division legislator Martin Ojara Mapenduzi moved a resolution to remove Zaake from the Parliamentary Commission under section 5 of the Administration of Parliament Act.

A group of MPs led by the Leader of the Opposition walked out of Parliament shortly before the vote in protest.

However, this did not prevent parliament from going about its job, and as a result, 155 legislators voted to remove Zaake from the Parliamentary Commission, with only two members voting against the action.

As a result, Zaake was dismissed from his position as a Commissioner of Parliament.

He was also given a one-week deadline to apologize to the deputy Speaker, Anita Among.


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