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YouTube suspends TB Joshua’s account over ‘gay cure’ claims

YouTube has blocked the account of influential Nigerian TV evangelist TB Joshua over allegations of hate speech.

A rights body documented a grumbling in the wake of looking into at any rate seven recordings showing the evangelist leading supplications to “fix” gay individuals.

Facebook has likewise eliminated in any event one of the culpable posts showing a lady being slapped while TB Joshua says he is projecting out a “wicked soul”.

The evangelist said he was engaging against YouTube’s choice.

His YouTube account had 1.8 million supporters.

TB Joshua is one of Africa’s most powerful evangelists, with top government officials from across the landmass among his devotees.

For what reason was the record shut?

UK-based openDemocracy filed a protest in the wake of investigating seven recordings posted on TB Joshua Ministries’ YouTube channel somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2020,which show the minister directing petitions to “fix” gay individuals.

A YouTube representative revealed to openDemocracy that the channel had been shut in light of the fact that its arrangement “forbids content which charges that somebody is intellectually sick, ailing, or sub-par due to their enrollment in a secured bunch including sexual direction”.

A post on TB Joshua Ministries Facebook account said: “We have had a long and productive relationship with YouTube and accept this choice was made in scramble.”

What does the video show?

The video is an update of a supplication meeting of a lady called Okoye, first transmission in 2018.

In it TB Joshua slaps and pushes Okoye and an anonymous lady at any rate multiple times and tells Okoye: “There is a soul upsetting you. She has relocated herself into you. It is the soul of lady,” openDemocracy reports.

The video which was seen more than 1.5 million preceding the YouTube channel was brought down, later shows her affirming before the assemblage that “the soul of lady” had been obliterating her life however she had been mended after the minister’s supplications.

She proclaims that she had quit having “friendship” to ladies and “presently I have warm gestures for men”.

Who is TB Joshua?

The author of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations is one of Nigeria’s most mainstream TV ministers yet is maybe the most un-showy of his companions.

A huge number of individuals go to his week by week benefits in Nigeria’s greatest city, Lagos.

His ascent to conspicuousness in the last part of the 1990s matched with the blast of “supernatural occurrence” programs performed on public TV by different ministers.

TB Joshua was frequently ridiculed for without the artfulness of his associates during “liberation” meetings – an extreme supplication that takes after expulsion.

His service purports to recuperate all way of diseases including HIV/Aids and pulls in individuals from everywhere the world.

Known as the “Prophet” by his devotees, Mr Joshua runs the Christian TV slot Emmanuel TV and frequently visits Africa, the US, the UK and South America.

In 2014, one of his places of worship imploded, executing in any event 116 individuals, including numerous South Africans.

A coroner in a Lagos court said “the congregation was blamable due to criminal carelessness” however he never dealt with any indictments.

Is this the first run through he’s been prohibited?


In May 2004 the National Broadcasting Commission prohibited TV stations from showing projects of ministers performing marvels on TV except if they had been confirmed.

There were allegations that a portion of the wonders were phony and performed by entertainers.

Television slots pulled the ministers’ projects to abstain from having their licenses denied or being hit by fines from the NBC.

Yet, as allowed to-air satellite boxes got moderate and well known in numerous Nigerian homes, the TV preachers set up broadcast offices and proceeded with their “wonder” programs.

They broadcast with best in class offices and have devoted stations on significant satellite TV suppliers in Africa, showing exercises of the temples and ministers relentless. Despite the fact that was as yet under the NBC’s domain, they were generally permitted to continue.


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