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Yambala 4 Me: People Encouraged to Maintain Their Own Safety by Using All Available Protective Materials

The Minister of Works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala has implored the public to exhibit self-driven responsibility over the use of safety protective items.

The public was advised to be considerate and aware of the use of condoms, face masks, seat belts, helmets, life jackets, and any other protective materials when engaging in any activity that exposes life to sudden threats during the launch of the “Yambala 4 Me Campaign” at UMA show grounds on Sunday, October 29.

The campaign is being launched at a time when the Ministries of Health, Works, and Transportation have expressed their observations of people’s consistent disregard for wearing protective gear when performing duties that put their lives in danger.

“Boda-boda riders, kindly refrain from wearing helmets when riding! “Hats are supposed to be worn on the head; you’re not dressing the boda-boda,” said General Katumba.

Nonetheless, a few of the boda boda riders with whom we spoke felt that the government should take action beyond simply promoting safety equipment.

“While we wear helmets, the government should look into a few more cases of traffic accidents. The traffic cops have turned into a threat to us; why can’t the government handle them? said a single boda boda rider.

32 HIV/AIDS-related deaths occur every day, and Dr. Olaro Charles, Director of Health Services and Clinical Services at the Ministry of Health, attributes this to people’s carelessness in using condoms.

“And you know that the only way we can freely access our healthcare is to know our status, so that’s the entry point, but you also change your perception on health concerns when you know your status,” Dr. Olaro Charles said.

‘Yambala 4 me’ advocates for public decency towards one another’s lives by advocating the use of condoms to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, face masks to prevent tuberculosis and COVID-19, life jackets to prevent drowning deaths, helmets and seat belts to prevent traffic accidents, and other protective gear meant to save lives.


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