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Putin and Xi Jinping began their talks in Moscow.

Upon arriving in Moscow on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a meeting at the Kremlin.

Moscow, Russia | BAZZUP | Upon arriving in Moscow on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a meeting at the Kremlin.

The Kremlin Commandant welcomed Xi at the alighting point when he arrived at the Kremlin. Putin gave Xi a cordial handshake and posed for pictures. The two presidents had a detailed and open discussion about China-Russia ties and other topics of common interest.

On Putin’s invitation, Xi said he was happy to make another state visit to Russia. He added that Russia was the first nation he visited after being elected president ten years ago, and his memories of that trip are still vivid today.

Xi acknowledged that he and Putin have maintained a close relationship over the past ten years and thanked Putin for congratulating him right away on both his recent election as Chinese president and his reelection as general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee at the 20th CPC National Congress.

He pointed out that Russia would elect a new president the next year, and that under Putin’s tenacious direction, Russia has achieved significant strides toward renewal and development. Xi expressed his confidence in the Russian people’s continued steadfast support for Putin.

Xi emphasized that the development of the China-Russia relationship to where it is today has a significant historical rationale. Russia and China are each other’s closest neighbor and most important strategic coordinating partner. In terms of their overall diplomacy and foreign policy, both nations place a great importance on their relationship.

China has consistently maintained a separate foreign policy. According to Xi, China has made the strategic decision to consolidate and develop China-Russia ties well based on its own fundamental interests and global trends.

Xi stated that China is committed to realizing national growth and rejuvenation, support global multi-polarity, and work for greater democracy in international relations. He also added that Russia is also committed to achieving these goals.

In order to support their respective national development and renewal and serve as a bulwark for international peace and stability, Xi said the two nations should further deepen their practical cooperation in a variety of fields and strengthen coordination and collaboration on multilateral platforms like the UN.

On Xi’s state visit to Russia, Putin welcomed him warmly and once more expressed his congratulations on his reelection as the leader of China.

According to Putin, China has made outstanding progress in all spheres of development over the last ten years. This demonstrates the might of China’s national political system and governance system and is due to Xi’s great leadership.

Putin expressed his certainty that, under Xi’s strong direction, China will continue to grow, prosper, and achieve all the lofty objectives set forth.

According to Putin, Russia-China relations have recently produced positive outcomes in a number of areas thanks to concerted efforts on both sides. He also stated that Russia is prepared to continue to advance bilateral practical cooperation, increase communication and cooperation in international affairs, and advance global multi-polarity and greater democracy in international relations.

The Ukraine problem was thoroughly discussed between the two parties.

Xi emphasized that the voices of reason and peace are growing in the Ukraine crisis. The majority of nations favor defusing tensions, support peace negotiations, and oppose stoking the fire. History demonstrates that disputes must ultimately be resolved via discussion and negotiation.

According to Xi, China produced a document outlining its stance on the Ukraine problem, which supports a peaceful solution and rejects both the Cold War mindset and unilateral sanctions.

China considers that the necessity to preserve a place for peace grows as challenges multiply. It is crucial to continue trying to have a discourse the more serious the issue. According to Xi, China would continue to contribute positively to the political resolution of the Ukraine issue.

Putin, for his part, stressed that Russia valued China’s steadfast adherence to an unbiased, objective, and balanced stance as well as its support for fairness and justice on important international issues. Russia is willing to engage in negotiations for peace and has attentively read China’s position paper on the political resolution of the Ukraine issue. China is welcome to contribute in a positive way in this area, says Russia.

The two presidents expressed excitement about holding formal discussions the next day to create a new framework for the coordination of the China-Russia comprehensive strategic cooperation in the years to come.



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