World Cup 2026

World Cup 2026 (Q): A few Monday outcomes

On Monday, November 20, 2023, Day 2 of the 2026 World Cup qualifications got underway. Madagascar defeated Chad, while the Central African Republic held Mali to a tie. Seychelles held Kenya to a draw at the same time.

Mali maintained a draw.

On Day 2 of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, Group I was in full force, ready for Ghana. Mali’s 3-1 victory against Chad gave them a chance to make up ground. To build on their encouraging start, the Eagles welcomed the Central African Republic. The match took a very long time to light. Mali did not score until the 76th minute of the second half via Kamory Doumbia.

However, the enjoyment was fleeting. On the opposite side, the Central African Republic used their greatest player, Geoffrey Kondogbia (79th), to seal the victory, air-condition the stadium, and equalize. Mali will have to settle with four points and a temporary lead after such a sad outcome. With only one point collected after their Day 1 loss to the Comoros, it’s a serious hit for the Central African Republic’s account.

Day 2’s victor in this group is Madagascar. The Barea have just secured their first three points in their 2026 World Cup qualifying matches, after their defeat against Ghana. a flawless victory against Chad (0–3). Madagascar placed pressure on Mali via goals from Lapoussin (91st) and Rakotoharimalala (10th and 84th).

The opponent to inflate the numbers can very well be Seychelles. They suffered yet another setback on Monday after their nine goals conceded against Côte d’Ivoire three days ago. Kenya exploited it. It was time for a victory and an attacking clean sheet after the loss to Gabon. Doubles from Choka (45th), Onyango (62nd), Omalla (73rd), Olunga (3rd and 6th). An offensive feast that gave Kenya a strong start to their World Cup qualification campaign in 2026.


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