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INSIDE STORY: Why is the World rejecting “The New Global Agenda”?

They confined those who live on the edge in their homes so they could test how their planned reset will operate when they have to feed their dependents.

They confined those who live on the edge in their homes so they could test how their planned reset will operate when they have to feed their dependents (whose businesses they killed through a disease they created). But wait, who are these people? What is ‘The Great Reset,’ anyway?

Allow Bazzup to guide you around the planned New World, where the World Economic Forum (WEF) claims in a new video: “As we come together to reconstruct the world after COVID-19, we are asking for a new kind of capitalism, one that puts people and planet first.”


“This is not a conspiracy theory; it is a well-documented movement among many of the world’s most powerful people,” says Justin Haskins, editorial director at the Heartland Institute and a leading expert on the Great Reset. “Fundamentally, this is a radical and complete transformation of everything that we do in our society,” Haskins continues, “it will change the way businesses are evaluated, it will coerce businesses to pursue left-wing causes.”

The Great Reset was launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where many of the world’s most prominent people gather to discuss global issues. They have described the coronavirus pandemic as a once-in-a-generation chance to revolutionize the way the world works. The epidemic of COVID-19 as a “chance” to transform everything.

“Right now, we’re facing a crisis of international dimensions,” says a video from the World Economic Forum. It will have a long-term effect on us.”

And global socialism is essentially their solution. Consider the Green New Deal mixed with the COVID-19 lockdown limits, plus something called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which technology is expected to drastically alter how we live and work.

“The elites, the technocrats in society, the most educated individuals,” Haskins adds, see the opportunity to “manage and manipulate society, pull the levers in society till it’s perfect in their minds.”


The Great Reset, according to the Vigilant Citizen (VC), heralds the end of capitalism as we know it.

“The video “What is the Great Reset?” is a strange PR / marketing effort. It looks to read “don’t worry about the Great Reset, we love you all very much” at first glance. They claim that “we’re doing this… whether you like it or not” is the message most people get from coercive words and powerful symbols.

“This film is noteworthy and worth investigating for various reasons,” they continue. For starters, it was created by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The World Economic Forum (WEF), as previously indicated in various articles, is one of those non-democratic elite organizations that set worldwide social and economic policies. To put it another way, if the World Economic Forum makes a movie on something, it has the capacity to make it happen. In fact, it is most likely already taking place.”

“Second, this isn’t one of those feel-good videos about banding together to battle the pandemic. In those exact terms, it declares the “end of capitalism as we know it.” It foreshadows significant historical and structural developments on a worldwide scale. It heralds the dawn of a New World Order.”

“Then, after nearly a year of smothering the masses, the WEF declares that the system is broken,” VC writes. But they shattered it. We were in the midst of the longest economic rebound on record when they broke it. I am not claiming that capitalism in its current form is flawless. We are, however, being offered a “solution” to a problem that they have purposefully created. In a nutshell: “Order out of chaos.

“A common thread may be clearly discerned if one watches the different videos posted by the World Economic Forum on YouTube. 1- Use horrific disasters to scare people (this video focused on COVID and global warming). 2- Propose an extreme solution including a non-democratic elite governing the entire world.”

“The World Economic Forum uses “economic imbalances” produced by COVID-19 to justify the Great Reset. These gaps, on the other hand, were produced by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) economy-killing policies, which are mostly supported by China. They understood exactly what would happen if they imposed widespread lockdowns. “They created turmoil, and now they’re trying to put things right,” VC says.

“Despite all of the rhetoric, the ultimate issue is freedom.” Any citizen can start a business and profit from it in a free market. And, as long as there is a need for it, the company can expand and everyone benefits. Free enterprise is a source of liberty, allowing individuals who achieve to live comfortably regardless of their social or political affiliations. It’s all about the figures.”

“By infusing social and political components to the free market, the Great Reset aims to destroy this vector of freedom.” You will not succeed if you do not comply. Instead, “the right person, at the right place, at the right time” will be assigned.


But who are these individuals? These are the global elites, globalists, world decision makers, mega bankers, in short, the 1% of men and women who play God and want the world to follow their agenda. These are the folks who want to get away of the old system (the one we all know, where you can start a little business, grow it, survive on it, and feed your family) because they feel they should feed you while you work for them.

They believe that the world is overcrowded and that people must be exterminated in order for them to have some room; they believe that the 8 billion people on planet Earth must be reduced to 500 million, which implies that 7.5 billion people must find space 6 feet beneath the surface (grave).

“They first killed small and medium businesses around the world by urging everyone to close shop and hide in their homes,” one person stated. They said that they would look after you through your own governments. The entire world was affected; every small and medium business shut down from Africa to Europe, the Americas, and Asia; countries began relying on loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank; now, economies cannot take any more loans; businesses that were closed are struggling; some will never recover. These Elites are smiling and continuing to push their agenda through the media. They want the great reset as soon as possible, and as long as the 1% is pleased, the 99 percent, which includes me, you, and everyone else reading this, can go hang themselves since you are collateral damage in bringing this new system into being.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) video touting the Great Reset had more dislikes than likes just seven days after its publication (21k dislikes and only 1.6 likes).

The globe is unhappy after making the entire world miserable, and based on the responses, the world does not require a reset. Here are some of the comments from the Great Reset film on the WEF YouTube channel…

Everyone should read this essay and then ask themselves, “Are you ready for this kind of reset?”


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