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What should Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the “President,” do?

The understandable hysteria surrounding Museveni’s “Muhoozi project,” or his secret plan to install his son, Gen Muhoozi, as his successor, has reached a fever pitch, especially among the intelligentsia, since the latter announced his retirement from the army (Muhoozi Kainerugaba: A General Retiring at 48: What Next?

However, millions of ordinary Ugandans, including you, care not a whit about who runs the country as long as he or she leads by example, upholding and promoting the rule of law.

That means vehemently defending the constitution and ensuring an equal application of the law, which protects the innocent and punishes the guilty equally regardless of the circumstances.


Even the Commonwealth would not condemn Muhoozi for succeeding his father, nor would it threaten Uganda’s expulsion from the organization.

This is due to the fact that Chapter 9 of the 1991 Harare Declaration does not prohibit a president’s or a pauper’s kid from becoming president.

“We vow the Commonwealth and its countries to engage with fresh energy, emphasizing especially in the following areas… democracy, democratic processes, and institutions that reflect national conditions,” it says unequivocally.

Although Uganda is a founding member of the Commonwealth, our national circumstances are fundamentally different from those of other sister member countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and even our next-door neighbor, Kenya.

In all honesty, the current state of affairs in Uganda favors Gen Muhoozi as Museveni’s successor.

Unlike Kenya, which gained independence as a single country and is about to elect its third president democratically since Mwai Kibaki in 2003, Uganda was formed at independence from four ancient kingdoms and disparate anarchists in Kigezi in the west, Nilotics in the north, and Nilo-Hamites in the east.

Because of this congenital defect, our democratic journey has been slower and more difficult than Kenya’s or Tanzania’s.

However, if “President” Muhoozi is to effectively and successfully lead Uganda to the next step along the democratic path, he will have to diverge from his father’s course.

Unlike his father, who has enabled corruption to take over the Movement Government and the country by accident or default, Gen Muhoozi will have to combat corruption head-on.

Don’t expect me to back up this claim. ‘This is not the NRM we started, brought to power, says Otafiire,’ according to a Bazzup report. (September 21, 2021)

“The NRM of 1986 is not the same as the NRM of today. If the two met, they would have no idea who the other was. Many things that we believed in and held dear as pioneers have now changed….

Profiteers and all types of personalities, including criminals, can be found sporting NRM t-shirts. Many of them do business in the name of NRM, but for their own personal gain.”

General Otafiire could have emphasized that the corrupt have taken control of the NRM party and government due to a complete lack of rule of law, which permits criminals dressed in yellow and their colleagues clothed in other colors to plunder the country with impunity.

As a result, our social and economic infrastructures, particularly in the areas of health, education, and law enforcement, are in a terrible state.

Law enforcement is now the bastion of violence and cash for justice, despite the constitution, and Gen Otafiire is not the only bush war hero who has complained about corruption.

Gen Museveni, the president and Commander in Chief of the NRA/M, has spoken out against corruption and torture on numerous occasions.

Unfortunately, Museveni is unaware that the unparalleled amount of corruption and torture has been blamed on all westerners, 90% of whom are not only completely innocent, but also just as impoverished, if not poorer, than their counterparts in the north, east, west, and south.

No one more encapsulates the intensity of animosity toward the west in general and the Bahima in particular than Beti Kamya, the former opposition heavyweight who is now the IGG. In 2008, she wrote in the Daily Monitor:

“Does it take a fortune teller to realize that he (Museveni) is bringing Uganda to a dreadful genocide, with just one community eligible for State House Scholarships, lucrative employment, land allocation, control of security organizations, and the country’s finances for the next 20 years…?”

My message to powerful Bahima: limit Museveni, don’t allow him do this to you; it’s not sustainable; think of your children; think of the majority of Bahima who aren’t complicit in this craziness, but who will pay the ultimate price when you, the beneficiaries, reap the benefits.

Against this backdrop, Gen Muhoozi’s men who follow his father as President of Uganda will be forgotten by history.

Rather, Museveni and Muhoozi will be remembered as the father and son of corruption and torture, who led Uganda down a path to self-destruction.

According to Gen Otafiire, Gen Muhoozi has a unique opportunity to not only salvage his father’s legacy, but also to avoid the NRM from becoming Mobutu’s MPR.

President Muhoozi, on the other hand, will require more than his youthful comrades-in-arms, the 1990s intake, who now dominate high command positions, to succeed.

Original NRA combatants such as Gen Muhwezi and Gen Otafiire, to name just two of the calm former fighters, should stay close by to provide crucial support, advise, and guidance to President Muhoozi, who is still relatively young.

Although a fresh broom sweeps better, the old one knows all the nooks and crannies.

To put it another way, the Muhwezis and Otafiires know where the country came from and where it should go.


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