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What Man City manager Pep Guardiola did to alert Manchester United to the transfer risk of Cristiano Ronaldo last year

After coming dangerously close to a transfer to Manchester City, Cristiano Ronaldo completed the paperwork for Manchester United again the previous summer.

After coming dangerously close to a transfer to Manchester City, Cristiano Ronaldo completed the paperwork for Manchester United again the previous summer.

Manchester City will look back and be somewhat relieved that they didn’t buy Cristiano Ronaldo the previous summer, especially given that reports suggest he currently needs to leave Manchester United.

Ronaldo was on the verge of being signed by City in what may have been a major shock, but United intervened at the last minute to re-sign their former star and prevent him from playing for sky blue. He scored a respectable 24 goals in all competitions for United, but they finished sixth in the Premier League and went another year without winning a trophy. According to sources, he must now depart Old Trafford.

While all was going on, City won the Premier League in spectacular fashion without a striker and now have the option to acquire Erling Haaland, one of the most exciting players in the world. After eleven months, City will be pleased that United made a move to sign Ronaldo.

joined the call The allegations that came on Saturday night ensure that Ronaldo has asked for any OK offered to be acknowledged. Ronaldo is not for sale and is bound by a contract for another year. It would be a major setback for United if he were to quit, given all the changes taking place at Old Trafford as Erik ten Hag tries to sway the Reds.

The concept will aid City in recalling what have to have been obvious as a fortunate break the previous summer, and Blues supporters have found a telling quote from Pep Guardiola that he made when learning about Ronaldo just before he endorsed for United.

He was still a Juventus player even though City had been linked at that point because United had gone to the activity stations and cut the line.

“No one except me can tell in these three or four days before the transfer market closes, everything can happen, but in my opinion there are not many players, Cristiano Ronaldo is already included, and [Lionel] Messi clearly, they select where they will play,” stated Guardiola.

“They dominate the conversation, and everything revolves around the role they must perform. In this situation, I would say that I am happier with the team I have and that we should say something similar.

“Cristiano, not Manchester City, not myself, will decide where he needs to play.”

Guardiola said that you have to substitute “City” for “Joined together” at that moment, and it seems to be just as true a year later. It will be challenging for United to stop Ronaldo from leaving if he truly wants to leave and a proposal comes in. Without a certain, it would be worse for them to have a dejected genius than not have one, especially if Ten Hag is attempting to change the culture at Old Trafford away from having distinct inner selves contributing to problems in the changing rooms.

Guardiola has always been Ronaldo-free, so it makes sense that City looked at marking him a year ago. The City manager had little knowledge of United’s number seven beyond the first 11 months, and these most recent claims would support his belief that Ronaldo picks where he plays next season – not United.


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