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We’re one of the best: Uganda’s human rights record is defended by Museveni.

"I can guarantee you that we are seasoned individuals," he stated.

President Yoweri Museveni has defended Uganda’s human rights record, claiming that the country’s effort has centered on promoting and safeguarding human rights over the past 60 years.

“There’s a lot of disinformation out there; our entire 60-year effort has been about human rights.” However, some of the groups that wish to encourage anarchy spread false information, and when you try to stop them, they accuse you as violating their human rights.

“I can guarantee you that we are seasoned individuals,” he stated.

The President met with Ford Vicky, the British Minister for Africa, at State House in Entebbe yesterday. Trade, investments, human rights, and regional challenges were among the topics discussed by the two presidents.

“Our troops would not stay in Somalia for more than 13 years, despite the fact that the bulk of our people are not Muslims and have lived peacefully there.” If we don’t know how to respect human rights, it’s a litmus test for our discipline. Yes, groups make mistakes, and we hold them accountable. The issue would be one of impunity. Here, there is no such thing as impunity. He stated, “We have full accountability.”

However, the President noted that they are still dealing with a pre-capitalist society, with some people holding traditional beliefs such as hitting people.

“We’re battling this one. This is part of the ancient policing and social structure. For novice actors, we blend punishment and instruction,” he explained.

“People who are concerned about people’s rights but do not make a living off of campaigning are what we mean by civil society.” However, if you have foreign financing groups professing to be fighting…when they are just paid as foreign agents…and sometimes even paid by foreign governments seeking to affect our destiny… It’s a serious problem. Is it possible for a foreign government agent to be a civil society activist? “We’re not convinced on that one,” he remarked.

The President stated that he discussed the matter with the Norwegian Ambassador and agreed that the country’s sovereignty should provide a blanket no objection to everyone after determining if the issue is a social economic issue or a political interference.

“I don’t understand why anyone, especially someone who wants democracy, would want to be manipulated from the outside.” “The question is not whether we should encourage women to cultivate vegetables, but whether we should enable foreigners who are politically opposed to our government to determine our fate,” he stated.

President Museveni stated that the problem here is to deal with the issue of prosperity and how to build riches for our people by generating goods and services that they must sell.

“If you don’t sell it, it won’t become wealth, and it won’t bring you prosperity,” he remarked.

Ugandans are waking up and understanding that the Uganda market is insufficient, and they now require the East African market, according to him.

“That is why we emphasize patriotism first, followed by love for Uganda.” Tribes are less important than Uganda. Pan-Africanism and internationalism are also included. Interests are more important to us,” he stated.

Minister Ford Vicky stated that she would like to see what her administration can do to strengthen our collaboration and friendship as we emerge from the crisis.

“With some of the regional concerns, you’ve been such a knowledgeable guy. I appreciate your leadership in South Sudan. He said, “I’d want to hear your thoughts on the challenging situation in Ethiopia and Somalia.”

Ms. Ford stated that her administration is eager to increase investment and commerce between our countries in order to strengthen our economies and grow the economy.

She stated that the UK government’s Department of Health had provided one million extra doses of Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccinations to Uganda, which will arrive in the country soon.


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