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“We will never stop resisting Museveni,” Bobi Wine said at the Geneva Summit.

Despite losing the recently ended presidential election, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the head of the National Unity Platform (NUP), has announced that he is committed to force President Museveni’s regime out.

Kyagulanyi made the statements during his speech at the Geneva Summit 2022 on Wednesday, where the major topics of discussion were Democracy and Human Rights.

In his opening remarks, he expressed gratitude to the summit for allowing him to share his tale, which he claims symbolizes many Ugandans who have suffered grave human rights violations for the past 36 years.

Kyagulanyi led the audience on a tour of his political career, highlighting a number of difficulties he claims he has faced at the hands of the ruling government.

The NUP’s owner specifically mentioned torture, intimidation, illegal arrests, and killings that he and some of his supporters have faced at the hands of Museveni’s regime, particularly in the run-up to the January 2021 elections.

“Security officers in unmarked vehicles, known in Uganda as drones, abducted tens of thousands of our followers.” Many people are still missing, and others are still being held in illegal detention for just supporting me and our political party,” he stated.

Museveni, according to Kyagulanyi, rules Uganda with an iron fist. “He uses the military against citizens and even students,” he claimed. Those who disagree with him are jailed, tortured, or killed.”

Despite all of the hurdles, the NUP president praised his supporters’ fortitude for helping the party climb through the dark times to defy Museveni. He also stated that his party will never give up its bid for the presidency.

“We’ve never given up, and we’re not going to give up now.” It wasn’t just me who stood up to General Museveni; it was an entire generation, and there were no tribe, class, or religious divisions for the first time. We were all speaking in unison. “People Power” is chanted by the entire populace.

Furthermore, Kyagulanyi described Ugandans’ support for him as the largest public phenomena he had ever witnessed.

“I used to be a celebrity.” I’d written hit songs. I’d seen fame before—having people sing your name—but this was different.”

The Geneva Summit, themed ‘How To Topple A Dictator,’ focuses on pressing human rights issues that deserve global attention.

It provides a platform for human rights defenders, campaigners, and former political prisoners to speak out about their personal struggles for democracy and freedom while also helping to develop an international community to combat dictatorships.


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