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We Are Threshing Main Terrorist Groups in DR Congo like Millet- Museveni

President Museveni has said that security forces are currently clubbing terrorist groups in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to rid the region of extremists.

“We are kuhuura (threshing or clubbing like in millet) the main terrorist groups in Congo and we are also dealing with empulunguse (the scattered millet after threshing),” Museveni said in a statement on Saturday.

In his last statement, Museveni congratulated the Security Forces for successfully protecting the suspected sinners because the pigs from Congo wanted to harm them.

“Suspected sinners are not supposed to die. Instead, we pray for their salvation,” he said.

In the meantime, this Tuesday, the 14th, Museveni revealed that security forces carried out a devastating attack on the pigs in Congo, this time 68 km from the border.

“We used both ground attack, planes, and medium-range artillery. The results were devastating for these parasites. The Congo forests are no haven for them. That is why some of the remnants are running back into Uganda. We are hunting for them. We shall get them,” he stated.

He called for more vigilance on the part of civilians to ensure that they report any strangers they come across.

“I urge you all to be vigilant for strangers in your area. Also, vigilance is needed in markets, churches, mosques, and public transport systems.”

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