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Wayne Rooney describes Cristiano Ronaldo as “f***ing obnoxious

Wayne Rooney describes Cristiano Ronaldo as “f***ing obnoxious,” Rio Ferdinand as “arrogant,” and Carlos Tevez as “the biggest letdown.”

Wayne Rooney is used to being one of football’s most popular figures, both with fans and colleagues, as the captain of Manchester United and England’s top scorer.

While they praise the retiring pro’s abilities, it appears that the Derby County manager has a comedic take on some of his most illustrious colleagues.

Nobody avoided the 36-year-jibes old’s when he appeared on stage at an elite black-tie dinner event in Manchester on Saturday night, no matter how outstanding they are on the pitch.

Wayne Rooney is Manchester United and England's leading goal scorer

“Cristiano was so good and so f***ing obnoxious at the same time,” he said about playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s probably not as good as he appears.

Wayne jokingly added, “He likes diving,” mocking Ronaldo’s tactics during the 2006 World Cup, when he famously got Wayne sent off — with England later crashing out of the competition.

“I had no problem with Cristiano,” he continued. In the tunnel, I spoke with him. ‘I have no problem with you getting me sent off,’ I said, because I’d spent the first half of the conversation trying to get him to sign up for diving.

Rooney says Cristiano Ronaldo is 'so good and so f***ing annoying at the same time'

“I’m an Englishman, and he’s a Portugueseman.” I don’t give a f*** about him when we’re playing. He is not a friend of mine. But when we’re done, we’ll be friends again.”

Rio Ferdinand, a teammate of Wayne’s at Old Trafford, also got a piece of Wayne’s lip.

“Rio is a good player, but he is just arrogant,” he told supporters who had paid up to £300 for a ticket to hear him speak at the Mercure Hotel.

“You get paid a lot of money to kick the ball into the net at Man United, so just do it.” ‘Do your job, and give me the ball, Ronaldo the ball,’ I said. ‘Stop wasting your time there.’ Rio is a fantastic player, but he had a habit of forgetting he was a defender.”

Carlos Tevez, who played alongside Cristiano in United’s fabled attacking unit from 2007 to 2009, was also summoned by Wayne.

I loved playing with him but chatting to Tevez was biggest disappointment of my life, revealed Rooney

“For two years, I liked playing with him,” Wayne remarked of his experience with the Argentine striker.

“I used to pick him up from his house and drive him to the airport for Champions League games.” We’d go play the game and then return. And, to be honest, I spoke with him for 30 minutes and had no idea what he was saying.

“All he’s doing is mumbling.” I’m not a great public speaker, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘F***ing hell.’ He is mumbling and nothing, nothing’. “ I was heartbroken; it was the biggest letdown of my life.”

Wayne was quick to point out his own flaws while mocking his former teammates and foes. The star, at his most self-deprecating, grinned as he admitted to being a “arrogant p***k” when he first started playing football.

He also claimed that a run-in with his Everton youth team manager when he was 14 and walking home with two bottles of booze and a cigarette put an end to his early partying.

Rio is a top player but he is just arrogant, revealed Wayne

“Sir Alex Ferguson tried to sign me when I was 14,” he continued. He was on the phone with my parents. ‘Alex is on the phone, Manchester United wants to sign you,’ they said. ‘Tell him to f**** off,’ I said. ‘I want to play for Everton,’ says the player.

“I knew I had to play for Alex Ferguson as time went on.” Alex Ferguson was the driving force behind my decision to join United.”

Wayne made his Everton debut at the age of 16 in 2002, and went on to become Man United’s all-time record scorer with 253 goals in a 13-year career at Old Trafford from 2004 to 2017.

With 53 goals for England, he surpassed Charlton as the country’s all-time leading scorer. Wayne also holds the record for being England’s youngest ever goal scorer, scoring his first goal at the age of 17 and establishing a high standard for future sportsmen.

On Saturday night, he made it obvious that he is keeping an eye on Marcus Rashford, one of United’s most promising young players. The 24-year-old has 93 goals in 93 appearances for the club, but his form has dipped this season.

Sir Alex Ferguson tried to sign Wayne Rooney when he was 14

“To get the record and be Manchester United’s highest goal scorer, it is f***ing enormous,” Wayne said, addressing Marcus. But I’m hoping the record gets shattered.

‘Give me my f***ing pants,’ says the narrator.
“I’m hoping Marcus Rashford f***ing pops his head out of his a**e and smashes that record.” “He’s a Manchester lad,” says the narrator.

Wayne loved the camaraderie and humor in the locker room as much as he loved being on the field.

And, as his teammates quickly discovered, the striker, who is married to Coleen and has four sons, was incredibly easy to work with.

“I was just always angry,” he told the sold-out dinner audience. I was enraged to the point of rage. I was constantly bickering. They knew how to get under my skin and make me erupt.

“At one point during the preseason, we were gone for three weeks. I boarded the plane, removed my outfit, changed into my pyjamas, and boarded Night Nurse.

“We’re about an hour away from landing, and I’m changing.” ‘Where the f*** are my pants?’ I ponder as I put on my shirt and tie.

Wayne and Coleen with their four sons

“I had a feeling right away. ‘Lads, I’m not playing, give me my f***ing pants,’ I yelled when I arrived in Rio.

“I marched to the front of the plane as soon as it landed.” Sir Bobby Charlton and Alan Shearer were among the guests. People looked at me as though to say, ‘What the f is going on?’

“I told everyone, ‘No one is leaving this plane until I get my pants, not even you, Sir Bobby.’ I’m not wearing a shirt, tie, and pyjama bottoms through the airport.’ My clothes made it to the front of the plane because of these s**thouses.”

But Wayne, or Wazza as he was known among his teammates, was capable of returning the favor.

Wayne recalls a joke he pulled on his good friend and United teammate Wes Brown: “Wes came in with new trainers.”

“Darren Fletcher and I took a kitchen knife and sliced his trainer in half.” He goes to get his trainer, but all he gets is the heel.”

Wayne temporarily returned to Everton after leaving United before joining D.C. United in the United States.

In 2020, he signed a big player-manager contract with Championship side Derby, and in January of last year, he withdrew from playing after being hired as Derby’s full-time manager.

Derby slid into administration just eight months after Wayne took over, leaving Wayne to steer the club through treacherous seas.

According to Bazzup Sports, actor George Clooney is considering assisting Wayne by leading a consortium to purchase the struggling club.

“Derby has a fantastic history and I am sure there is a great future as well,” the Hollywood legend said.

“It’s such a shame what the club is going through,” Wayne said on Saturday. “They deserve more and better.”

“I’m doing everything in my power to bring the players and the fans closer together.” That’s all I’ve got.”

All of this adversity is ideal preparation for Wayne’s next big goal: a return to Old Trafford.

He announced, much to the joy of the fans, that he would like to return as United manager one day.


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