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Vice President Alupo guarantees Karamoja residents of absolute peace and security.

Vice President Jessica Alupo, a woman MP for Katakwi district, has reassured residents of the government’s intention to restore entire peace and security in the Karamoja and neighboring regions.

The words were made by the Vice President during Easter prayers at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church on Easter Sunday and St. Paul Anglican Church on Easter Monday, both in Katakwi area.

The congregation was assured by Alupo that communities in the Teso, Bugisu, Ssebei, Lango, Acholi, and Karamoja sub-regions that have been affected by the resurgence of cattle thefts and to some extent cattle raids should expect an immediate end to the situation because security has been heightened in the area with versatile security.

She emphasized that the situation had been thoroughly studied by the government, discussed by security forces led by President Museveni, and practical comprehensive interventions had been designed and are currently being implemented.

The matter is also being handled bilaterally at the regional level, according to Alupo, because it overlaps with Kenya and South Sudan.

She urged the public to be calm and carry on with their daily routines as members of the security forces, led by the UPDF, deal with the security situation.

The Vice President urged members of the public to remain vigilant and report any cattle rustlers to the security forces.

She also reassured Ugandans that the recently launched livestock compensation program is on track, with records from the Attorney General’s office and the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs indicating that over 2000 people from the Lango, Acholi, and Teso regions have already been compensated.

She said that the names of people who have been paid will be forwarded to their respective districts in order to keep local governments informed.

As authorized by the president during the launch, Alupo said the payment procedure will be phased in and will eventually cover all impacted claims.

She also urged all Teso residents to support the parish development model and invited all local leaders to sensitization workshops that she planned to hold in each of the three parishes.



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