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URA Announces USSD Code *285# for TIN Services and Tax Payments

*285# is a new USSD shortcode that the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) just launched in an effort to streamline and improve the tax payment procedure. With only a few taps on their mobile devices, consumers can easily pay their taxes and obtain vital Tax Identification Number (TIN) services thanks to this functionality.

TIN Services

The *285# USSD code’s exceptional quality is its capacity to offer rapid and simple access to TIN services. Customers may now determine the numerous taxes connected to their TIN, from import and export tariffs to income tax, as well as the status of their TIN, including whether it is active or not. Enter your email address, phone number, or National ID Number (NIN) to gain access to this information, and that’s all! You get instant access to your TIN details.

Tax Remittances

It’s never been simpler to pay taxes with the new USSD shortcode. To make it easier to pay various associated taxes, users have the option to create a new Payment Registration Number (PRN) or use an existing one. In order to keep their homes on the market and avoid upsetting their renters, landlords can also adopt this simplified manner to pay their rental taxes.

URA USSD short *285#

Additionally, small enterprises can profit from the USSD code’s capability for paying their presumed tax, particularly those whose yearly total sales fall between Ugx 10,000,000 and 150,000,000. The convenience of payment is applicable to some industries, like motor vehicle income tax and Boda Boda.

The positive and negative

With its quickness and ease of use, this new USSD application is a great replacement for the URA website. The USSD code solves the issues raised by its slowness and heaviness on smaller devices, providing a more effective way to handle taxes. Furthermore, the USSD application’s offline features come in rather handy in places with spotty or nonexistent internet connectivity.

Even though the USSD code has many benefits, it’s important to recognize its drawbacks. Users have to finish transactions quickly because the session ends after 180 seconds. Furthermore, it’s possible that the USSD service won’t be toll-free, so consumers will need to have enough airtime to use it.

Examining Options for Third Parties

Even though the URA USSD code is a significant improvement in convenience, it’s important to understand that there are other possibilities. Numerous banks, like Stanbic, for example, provide tax payment services via their applications, while mobile money providers like MTN Mobile Money offer a convenient way to pay URA dues. You can choose the platform that best suits your needs and preferences thanks to the range of options.

Thus, in my opinion, the implementation of the URA USSD code *285# marks a noteworthy advancement in Uganda’s efforts to streamline tax-related procedures. It’s easier than ever to avoid paying taxes since we have so many options at our disposal.


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