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UPDF to crush any group threatening to block Museveni swearing-in

The UPDF has pledged to smash a gathering of people who have taken steps to impede President Museveni's swearing-in for the 6th term.

As the initiation function set for May 12 approaches, a pressing factor bunch situated in South Africa named “Time is Now” has taken steps to hinder the service.

The pressing factor bunch a week ago coordinated a raising support supper in which over R200,000 which is around 50 million Uganda shillings was gathered at a capacity held at Southern Sun inn in the core of Pretoria city.

The supper was a welcome just occasion that as indicated by faultless sources was gone to by long-serving Ugandan experts living in various urban areas of South Africa, companions of Uganda from Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Rwanda.

Tending to writers on Monday, UPDF representative, Brig Flavia Byekwaso said security has got wind of the gathering’s arrangements, adding that they are intently following them.

“These people think they can achieve their objectives through different ways and means. Intelligence has picked information to this effect. Any person who stands in the path of peace and stability of this country becomes an enemy of the country and shall therefore be dealt with decisively, “Byekwaso said.

The gathering a week ago walked on South African roads with notices and banners reviling President Museveni’s swearing-in function and requested that the global local area intercede in the matter.

Tending to writers on Monday, the military representative showed a portion of the banners that she said had been seized from the roads subsequent to being stuck up by individuals from the gathering.

“They are inviting Ugandans along with tribal sentiments and we have confiscated their posters. We ask members of the public to desist from these acts because they are not productive, “Brig Byekwaso said.

Found out if security has yet made any captures, the military representative said though nobody has been captured, they are intently following up leads and that soon they will make a move.

“This is to sound a warning to anyone harboring such plans to abandon them. We know where you are and this is not a joke.”

A similar gathering had before coordinated exhibits against President Museveni’s swearing-in yet various them were captured by security.

Resistance National Unity Platform president, Robert Kyagulanyi, the sprinter up in the just-closed January 14 surveys has on a few events questioned its result and asked allies to challenge President Museveni’s political race.

Kyagulanyi, who proclaimed himself the champ of the January 14 official political decision requested that his allies recover his 54.19% triumph that he said was looted from him by the Electoral Commission by joining “serene” fights in a few pieces of the country.

President Museveni early this month cautioned nobody will stop his swearing in service.

“The opposition has been planning to stop the swearing-in of the president, they won’t because the security forces will stop them. They won’t stop swearing-in. Security forces will go for him or her,” Museveni said.

“They plan all crazy things like killing opposition themselves and claim it is government. To conspire to do that is a crime. I advise them to drop it. I am happy many youths are refusing to follow the criminal plans of their leaders. You can’t disrupt Uganda. Whoever is telling you is deceiving you.”


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