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Understanding the ‘Club Beat Coin’ promotion terms and conditions

This Promotion (hereinafter referred to as the “Promotion”) is a National Promotion organized by Nile Breweries Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”).

Club Beat Coin, a new promotion campaign by Club Pilsener was recently launched with the aim at encouraging their customers to participate in an exciting promotion where they will buy a beer, check under the crown, and use the discount to purchase their next beer.

Each Club Beat Coin is worth UGX 300. It is found under the crown of a Club Pilsener bottle and can be used to purchase beer at a cheaper price.

Below, we look at the terms and conditions of this promotion:


1. This Promotion (hereinafter referred to as the “Promotion”) is a National Promotion organized by Nile Breweries Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”).

2. The Promotion shall be conducted through the participating Nile Breweries customers or bars, herein referred to as the ‘Outlet’.

3. The Promotion is open to all individuals in Uganda, company or trading entity transacting directly with Nile Breweries Limited, namely our customers (hereinafter referred to as “Participants”).

4. Participants must be above the age of 18 years.

5. By entering the competition, all participants and winners agree to be bound by these rules, which will be interpreted by the krganizers, whose decision regarding any dispute will be final and binding. The organizers reserve the right to amend, modify, postpone or cancel the promotion, change prizes and rules without notice during the Promotion for any reason they deem necessary.

6. Throughout the eligible promotion period, all participants stand a chance to be rewarded with a UGX 300-Shilling discount on Club Pilsener 500ml.

7. To participate, participants must purchase Club Pilsener 500ml at a participating outlet during the applicable promotion periods and check the crown under-liner. The crown under-liner will display the following:

* EITHER UGX 300 Shilling on the crown underliner. This can be redeemed immediately at any of the participating outlets for a UGX 300-Shilling discount on their next purchase of Club Pilsener 500ml.
* OR ‘BAMBI’ on the crown underliner. This equates to “No Discount” or “Try Again” at which point the Participant can choose to purchase another Club for a chance to get a discount.

8. The UGX 300-shilling discount is instantly redeemable at participating outlets OR can be accumulated for future use within the applicable campaign periods. Participants are responsible for ensuring that they have redeemed their crowns at these participating outlets and will not hold the Organizer or the Outlet liable for any accumulated crowns that have not been redeemed during the eligible promotion period.

9. Each cap containing a UGX 300-shilling discount under-liner can only be redeemed ONCE for a discount on Club Pilsener 500ml. The Organizer and the Outlet reserve the right to not accept any crowns that they believe have been tampered with or have already been redeemed for the UGX 300-shilling discount.

10. The UGX 300-Shilling discount under the crown cannot be exchanged for cash value but can be combined with cash on the next purchase for Club Pilsener 500ml.
11. Participants may enter the promotion as many times as they wish, but the Organizer mandates that Participants practice responsible drinking when consuming our products.

12. The Organizer reserves the right to make media announcements and/or publications of the names and photographs of the participants, unless any participant/s may elect to expressly decline this in writing.

13. Participants will not be entitled to any payment or other remuneration for any such publicity or otherwise. All and any materials, including publicity materials, will be the sole property of Nile Breweries Limited.

14. The Promoter also reserves the right to carry out audits regarding any Participant/s and Outlets who are participating in the Promotion to verify their eligibility and validity. All participants and outlets determined by the Organizer or their agents to be invalid or ineligible will forfeit all rights to any prizes. No party will have any claim against the Organizer, its associated and subsidiary companies, and its directors, officers, employees,and agents, of any nature whatsoever related to such forfeiture.

15. All Participants and Outlets or associated parties indemnify the Organizer, its associated and subsidiary companies, and its directors, officers, employees, and agents, against any and all claims for any loss or damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or otherwise, arising from any cause whatsoever from their participation in any way howsoever in this Promotion.

16. All queries in connection with the Promotion should be directed to Nile Breweries Limited. The competition shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Uganda.


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