Under siege, Ukraine’s president enjoys high support ratings of 90%.

In a poll taken this weekend, almost 90% of Ukrainians said they backed President Zelensky, a threefold rise from December last year.

According to a study conducted by the famous Rating Sociological group, 91 percent of people support him, while only 6% oppose him and 3% are unsure.

Residents of Crimea and rebel-held territories in eastern Ukraine were excluded from the survey, which included 2,000 respondents from across Ukraine.

When asked about Ukraine’s odds of repelling the Russian onslaught, 70% stated they thought it was conceivable.

Since the invasion began, there has been a significant increase in support for the Ukrainian armed forces.

The Russian economy has taken a hit as a result of the sanctions imposed in the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian rouble fell about 30% in the first day of trading following the imposition of new sanctions, hitting a new low versus the US dollar. The euro has lost more than 1% of its value, while the price of oil has risen.

The financial and social costs of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have increased as a result of the steps implemented this weekend.

Russians are already queuing in lengthy lines, fearful that their bank cards may stop working or that the amount of cash they can withdraw will be limited.

Sberbank, the Russian state-owned bank, is said to be failing in several of its European operations, according to regulators.

The Central Bank of Russia’s ability to employ its about $630 billion (£471 billion) in foreign reserves has been harmed by the new ban. Because of the currency’s weakening, inflation is anticipated to rise.

The central bank now has a few options, including boosting interest rates or restricting the amount of money that may be taken into or out of the nation.


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