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Uncertain Futures: As the Euro Giants prepare to wreak havoc, Man United’s four regular starters, including Rashford, leave ten Hag vulnerable.

Marcus Rashford isn't the only regular starter facing an unclear future, as PSG's interest in him isn't decreasing, and Erik ten Hag is vulnerable due to a Man United strategy.

Marcus Rashford isn’t the only regular starter facing an unclear future, as PSG’s interest in him isn’t decreasing, and Erik ten Hag is vulnerable due to a Man United strategy.

After the World Cup, Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has undoubtedly been the finest player in England. The 25-year-old has scored 19 goals in 25 games since arriving from Qatar, and he has been instrumental in laying the groundwork for what may end up being a treble of championships (League Cup, FA Cup, Europa League).

Several United players had 12-month contract options that were exercised in December, including Rashford. Protecting United’s interests and preventing Rashford and company from discussing pre-contract agreements with international teams were the objectives.

Rashford’s contract expires in the summer of 2024 along with that of fellow regular starts Diogo Dalot and Luke Shaw (both of whose one-year options were exercised).

In light of this, choices on the three must be taken as soon as possible, with David de Gea’s situation being particularly urgent.

After receiving a thorough report from The Athletic, United’s reluctance to approve exorbitant compensation may now be a problem.

The first player mentioned in the report is De Gea, whose one-year contract option was not exercised. He will therefore be a free agent in June.

In favor of negotiating a new long-term contract in the first half of 2023, United decided not to exercise the clause.

Despite United’s willingness to dramatically lower De Gea’s base wage, De Gea is reportedly eager to commit his future to the club.

With a new weekly wage of £200,000, United hopes to reduce his existing weekly earnings of about £375,000 in half.

Losing De Gea would be disastrous for United, especially now that Dean Henderson is attempting to trade him elsewhere. A significant chunk of United’s transfer cash would be diverted from their search for a center-forward if they lost both goalkeepers in the same summer.

Rashford’s loss would be catastrophic, while De Gea’s would be a setback.

With Rashford, United run the risk of Ten Hag’s wrath.

The Athletic understands Rashford has the advantage in such negotiations given his exceptional season-long performance.

Initial talks between the forward’s camp and United officials have taken place, and more are planned. However, it is claimed that there have been “no significant steps forward” as of yet.

Rashford won’t factor into United’s plans for the future, nor will the fact that he is one of several players whose contracts must all be renewed at the same time.

But, United’s infamous “Ronaldo rule,” which forbids paying exorbitant salaries in an effort to reduce the pay disparity between the team’s lowest and best employees, may prove to be a problem.

In fact, United wants to keep their payroll costs in check and is unlikely to agree to anything even remotely close to the £400,000 per week offer made to Rashford by PSG.

In 2022, the French juggernaut revealed interest in Rashford, and according to the Athletic, that interest “isn’t going away.”

United was kept up to date on the ‘above board’ talks between PSG and Rsshford’s camp. If United and Rashford are unable to reach an agreement, PSG will be ready to cause havoc and steal the homegrown ace from Old Trafford.

The starting full-backs Dalot and Shaw, along with Rashford and De Gea, are facing a decision.

Their futures at the club “beyond the end of next season are uncertain,” according to the Athletic, as their contracts, like Rashford’s, expire in the summer of 2024.


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