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ULC on the spot over land assignment to financial backers

Individuals from Parliament are researching conditions under which the Uganda Lands Commission (ULC) designated Uganda Railways land in Nsambya to financial backers in abundance of what was to be given.

Individuals from Parliament are researching conditions under which the Uganda Lands Commission (ULC) designated Uganda Railways land in Nsambya to financial backers in abundance of what was to be given.

The Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authority and State Enterprise (COSASE) led by Joel Ssenyonyi, is examining the deal and giveaway of a few homes having a place with the Uganda Railways Corporation (URC).

In 2010, as an action to remunerate financial backers who had passed up the Nakawa-Naguru land for improvement, President Museveni coordinated that Uganda Railways moves 57 sections of land of their Nsambya land to Uganda Land Commission which would understudy apportion it to financial backers. In any case, in spite of the fact that bureau endorsed the portion of 32 sections of land to the various financial backers, the Uganda Land Commission dispensed 62 sections of land.

A portion of the financial backers incorporate, Janet Kobusingye, the proprietor of Mestil Hotel, Charles Kimera, Islamic University, Alumus Properties, M/S Fairplay Services Ltd, and Kampala International University. Others are, House of Dawda, CTM Uganda Limited, Access Uganda Limited and Yas Company.

The land extends from Mukwano Factory up to Mestil Hotel and portions of it are in Kibuli.

As the Committee collaborated with the Commission on Tuesday, 23 November 2021, individuals found disparities in the size of land assigned to the financial backers analyzed the one endorsed by Cabinet.

Ssenyonyi says that the primary concern is on why the Commission gave out more land than was endorsed by Government.

“There is a bureau mandate saying give out 32.2 sections of land, however the measure of land that was given out was over 62.2 sections of land. How did this occur, who gave out the other mandate to give out different sections of land of land?” Ssenyonyi inquired.

Rukiga County MP, Roland Ndyomugyenyi addressed how bureau can support something else, however the commission likewise winds up apportioning an alternate real esatate.

“Perhaps there is land that we don’t know about. There should be an off-base thing about the specific real esatate. You can’t have a mandate of 32 sections of land in Naguru and afterward you give out near 70 sections of land,” Ndyomugyenzi said.

Richard Ssebamala, Bukoto Central MP requested that the Uganda Land Commission ought to bring the mother title of the Railways land in Nsambya and Kibuli, the new parcel and how the real esatate was dispersed.

“We really want the principle title of the land before it was apportioned; we additionally need to know how you settled on the grounds,” Ssebamala said.

Be that as it may, the Secretary ULC Barbara Imaryo said they didn’t have the foggiest idea how this occurred and would have to return and perceive how it occurred.

“I might want to ask your guilty pleasure that this was a choice of the commission, we are mentioning for some more opportunity to return and check,” Imaryo said.

Ssenyonyi requested that the commission get records explaining to disparities the measures of the land apportioned. He likewise requested for the first letters and mandates of the President be brought to the council by the following week.

In the mean time, the panel likewise found that financial specialist Hassan Basajjabalaba’s Kampala International University (KIU) and other two firms were dispensed piece of the land with next to no unmistakable system.

“How Kampala International University of finance manager Hassan Bassajjabalaba procures 14 sections of land yet it was not piece of the Private nearby financial backers who were inclined to be given land is sketchy” Ndyomugyenyi said.

He says that KIU was not among individuals to be assigned land in the bureau mandate of the 13 financial backers supported.

Anyway the commission said that they followed up on an official mandate of 29th September 2010 which requested them to apportion Basajjabalaba’s University with 20 sections of land to cater for University extension, however they just had 14 sections of land left.

The board of trustees additionally addressed why in spite of the fact that KIU paid a premium of 675 million shillings and yearly ground lease of 34 million shillings the advancement in the space was a shopping center.


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