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Uganda’s Police Forensics Directorate receives a donation from Germany.

The German Federal Police has provided 14 motorcycles to the Uganda Police Force’s Forensics Directorate, which will aid officers in getting to and from various crime scenes, particularly in distant areas of the country.

The motorcycles were presented to AIGP Asan Kasingye, the Police’s Chief Political Commissar, and AIGP Andrew Mubiru, the Police Forensics Director at a function held at the Police headquarters in Naguru by Hans Von Schroeder, the deputy head of mission at the German Embassy in Uganda, and Stefan Koch, the Germany Police liaison officer.

“This is an important step forward in the long-standing partnership between the German and Ugandan police forces.” “The contribution aims to provide forensics officers greater flexibility, especially in rural areas where distances are long and transportation to more remote crime scenes is difficult,” Schroeder says.

The German Embassy’s deputy head of mission said that by donating the motorcycles to the Uganda Police’s forensics bureau, they are investing in the country’s security and ensuring that it can efficiently handle all cases, including crimes.

“The motorcycles are outfitted with boxes that can be used to transport tools and equipment to isolated locations. This is a security investment because we feel that ensuring the safety of a country’s population is critical.

He also stressed the importance of cooperation between different countries and security agencies in combating cross-border criminality.

AIGP Asan Kasingye, speaking on behalf of Uganda Police, praised Germany Police for their long-standing partnership with Uganda, which he claimed dated back many years.

He highlighted that the Uganda Police’s Forensics Directorate and the Criminal Investigations Directorate have benefited from training from the Federal Police of Germany in cyber security, counter-terrorism, and the use of innovative forensics techniques in recent years.

“The gesture of cooperation between the two troops is greatly appreciated. It is for Ugandans who value peace, security, and law and order, not for police. “We look forward to continuing to work together,” Kasingye remarked.

He stated that the Forensics Directorate has done an excellent job not only in combating criminality but also in reducing case backlogs in courts of law.

“Forensic services are among those who have backed CID in all of their endeavors. Many cases, such as the suspects in the attempted murder of Gen Katumba Wamala, have been solved as a result of this cooperation. In this case, the forensics directorate played a crucial role. We’ve also observed a steady reduction in case backlog in courts of law, thanks in part to forensics’ contribution,” he added.

Such gifts to the directorate, according to Kasingye, serve to reinforce their efforts in ensuring they do their work efficiently.

“We need modern technologies to deal with increasingly complex criminality.”

As one of the ways to combat transnational crimes, we will continue to increase our cooperation with partners such as the German Federal Police.”

The Federal Police of Germany has taught Ugandan police in fingerprint testing, crime scene management, and forensics photography, among other subjects, according to the Police Forensics Director, Andrew Mubiru.

“In the future, we will request further trainings, but most importantly, benchmarking visits to Germany to enable us to acquire the necessary techniques,” Mubiru added.


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