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Uganda’s London mission implements an e-passport issuance system.

The Ugandan High Commission in London has officially begun the implementation of a new e-passport application and issuing system on the mission grounds.

The High Commission is the first of Uganda’s missions overseas to use the new method, and other missions in cities such as Washington, DC (USA), Ottawa (Canada), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Pretoria (South Africa), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Beijing are anticipated to follow suit (China).

Julius Peter Moto, Uganda’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, who is also accredited to Ireland, and Maj. Gen. Apollo Kasiita-Gowa, Director Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC), were co-presidents of the event, which was also attended by Brig. Gen. Johnson Namanya Abaho, the Commissioner for Citizenship and Passport Control, and Laurent Abouo, the Commissioner for Citizenship and Passport Control.

Amb. Moto, speaking at the event, praised the Ministry of Internal Affairs for its efforts in ensuring the operationalization of the new e-passport system, which began with the Uganda Mission in London as the trial site.

The new approach, according to the High Commissioner, will significantly shorten the time it takes to process and issue a new passport.

He also mentioned that the technology will go live as the country approaches the April 4, 2022 date for phasing out the old machine-readable passports.

Maj. Gen. Apollo Kasiita-Gowa praised the High Commission for its efforts to help and provide quality service to Ugandans living in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as the surrounding areas of accreditation.

The Director of Citizenship and Immigration Control urged Ugandans in the United Kingdom and Ireland to use the new procedure to apply for passports, as the previous passports will no longer be valid after April 4, 2022.

He did say, however, that the previous passports will only be used by Ugandans returning home, not for travel to other countries.

Maj Gen. Kasiita Gowa also stated that the new passport system is intended to shorten the time it takes to produce passports in order to better serve Ugandans living abroad.

At the function, a new passport application processing center with biometric equipment was officially handed over to the High Commission by Maj Gen Apollo Kasiita-Gowa after which 10 applications were spontaneously processed using the new system.

Racheal Nabakemba one of the applicants was one of the recipients of the newly processed passports.

Senior officials from the Uganda High Commission, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NITA-U, the VERIDOS GmbH firm, USPC, and members of the Ugandan community were also present.


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