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Uganda’s Covid-19 theocracy and Archbishop Museveni

With the start of COVID-19, which I now believe to be a religion, the dividing line between the two has become finer and finer every year.

I believe many things as a Christian that do not make logical sense, and they do not have to.

That’s because, like most other religions, Christianity is based on the belief that there is a world beyond the three-dimensional one in which we now live, and our allegiance is based on faith rather than reasoning.

So I don’t need to see paradise or hell to believe in their existence. That is something I am certain of. “Blessed are those who believe without seeing” on these streets. But on Science Street, everything has to make sense since science is (or is intended to be) a study of the empirical, with evidence based on observation.

But what happens if science begins to require the same unquestioning commitment that religion demands?

With the start of COVID-19, which I now believe to be a religion, the dividing line between the two has become finer and finer every year.

What happens if Minister of Health Dr Ruth Aceng comes out and ‘prophesies’ that there will be a third wave, including the probable arrival date and the number of persons who would be infected?

Is there an area of science that forecasts the future haphazardly, or have we passed over into religion?

Why should we believe someone whose sole task it is to update our COVID data starts making rash predictions about what those numbers will look like next month, when she owns all the cards and has the authority to make her forecasts come true?

Is she still a scientist, or should we refer to her as a prophet and accept her teachings with faith? Because his religion does not want competition from other religions, COVID Archbishop Yoweri Museveni has insisted on keeping churches and mosques closed.

They want exclusive access to the catwalk. They’ve established a COVID theocracy. What happens when over 10,000 infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists issue ‘The Great Barrington Declaration,’ which states that lockdowns are not only ineffective but also harmful unless they target only the elderly and severely vulnerable, but politicians like Museveni insist on draconian COVID-19 restrictions?

Is it political science or is it still science? What happens when Sweden, which has never closed its schools, claims that none of its 1.8 million under-16 school children have died of COVOD-19, while Ugandan children have been confined to their homes for two years and kindergartens have been shuttered entirely?

What happens when renowned epidemiologists question the effectiveness of masks as a means of preventing infection because even the most effective N95 mask has packaging with label verbiage indicating protection only down to 0.3 microns, despite the fact that Covid-19 virus particles are about five times smaller?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Pontiff of the COVID religion, advised that we wear two masks when those discoveries became public and could no longer be refuted. To ward off the illness, we might as well dress up in Halloween costumes.

What happens when vaccination is mocked as the only long-term answer to the epidemic, but Seychelles, the world’s most vaccinated nation, has recently entered another lockdown due to an increase in cases and fatalities?

The island nation was praised earlier this year after a higher proportion of its population received both doses than anywhere else on the planet, with 69 percent fully vaccinated and 80 percent partially vaccinated, outperforming wealthier nations such as the United Kingdom and Israel in vaccine coverage.

Those are figures Uganda can only dream of, given its chaotic vaccine procurement procedure. COVID stringent limits were reinstated in Seychelles in May after it was discovered that 37 percent of new infections were in patients who had taken both doses of either AstraZeneca’s Covishield (the most widely used in Uganda) or Sinopharm’s Covishield (the most widely used in China) (also in use here).

Even more perplexing is the statistics. “What’s unique about the data arriving from Seychelles is that the rise of COVID-19 cases appeared shortly after the COVID vaccines were introduced in January 2021, whereas deaths were only noticed following the vaccine rollout,” according to NewsAfrica.

What happens when the WHO, whose biggest funder is the Chinese government, approves the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm (efficacy rate 79%) despite concerns raised in the WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts’ “evidence assessment” document citing “very low confidence” in the quality of Sinopharm’s safety data, particularly in terms of risk of serious adverse events?

The WHO then approved the other Chinese vaccine, Sinovac, for emergency use on June 1, despite its shockingly low efficiency rate of only 51%. “A possible correlation between the use of these Chinese vaccines and the subsequent Covid-19 epidemics we’re witnessing in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Gabon, and Congo,” NewsAfrica stated.

The Namibian government began rolling out its vaccination campaign utilizing Sinopharm vaccines given by the Chinese government on March 19, 2021.

If you check at Namibia’s new COVID cases, you’ll notice that they increased following the implementation, peaking at 3,268 infections on June 30th, over five times the 608 instances seen before the rollout on December 31, 2020.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights has threatened to sue the government if clinical studies are not conducted before the vaccine is made available to the public.

Zimbabwe, like Namibia, experienced a low number of cases before the vaccines arrived, followed by a sharp increase beginning in June 2021.

‘The surprising upsurge we’ve seen in so many nations coinciding with the initiation of large vaccination rollouts marks one of the most under-reported elements of the pandemic,’ said Nick Hudson, founder of the Pandemics, Data & Analytics (PANDA) group of specialists.

“Mainstream media, which is plainly promoting a controlled narrative, is pretending that the phenomenon does not exist,” he continued. How do we respond to all of these inconsistencies? That, I suppose, is dependent on whether you are a COVID convert or not. The phrase will be repeated by converts: “trust the science.”

But, unlike religion, science is intended to be logical and scientifically developed, so I can only believe it to the extent that it makes sense. The rest is merely political science.


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