Ugandan female celebrities whose nudes have leaked

Nudes have always found their way to several in boxes even after the Anti-Pornographic Committee was created. And many people, celebrities and regular Ugandans have always fallen victim of such scandals.

Of course those that have fallen victim always come out to say their nudes circulating all over is the worst thing that can ever happen to someone.

Here is a list of female celebrities who have gone through this scandal, and managed to come out stronger. Or not.

Judith Heard

Heard has faced the nude scandal twice. First, her nudes surfaced on social media in 2013, and again in 2018.

The socialite faced it rough with the Anti-pornographic committee in 2018, after she was dragged to police to explain herself about the matter. It was alleged that the socialite managed to convince the authorities that her pictures were leaked by her ex-boy friend.

Judith Heard

Being a constant victim of such scandals, Heard opened up a NGO dubbed ‘Day One Global’ where she helps fellow women who are victims of sexual harassment.

Desire Luzinda

Her nudes are the most talked about ever. Desire’s pictures surfaced on the internet in 2014, allegedly leaked by her Nigerian boyfriend. This was the beginning of the death of Luzinda’s music career, with nudes making more rounds than her music.

Desire Luzinda

Even her song, ‘Kitone’ that was related to the scandal barely made it past her bedroom.

Now the singer is allegedly using her big following to preach the gospel of God on social media.

Anita Fabiola

Fabiola gained fame for her beauty, quickly landing a stint as the host of NTV’s Be My Date. However, when her nudes hit the internet, she lost the job, with her bosses arguing that she was unworthy to be part of the company.

It was said that Fabiola’s phone, the one that contained the said nude pictures was stolen, and later a blackmailer threatened to release them if she doesn’t pay Shs8 million. She paid Shs2million but the blackmailer went on and released the pictures.

Anita Fabioa

However this scandal didn’t put the diva down seeing that currently Fabiola is one of the biggest TV personalities in Uganda.

Zari Hassan

The socialite’s nude leaked in 2014, but the Boss Lady alleged that the women in the picture wasn’t her. She claimed that the naked pictures belonged to Kenyan Socialite, former Big Brother Africa star Huddah Monroe who apparently looks just like her.

Zari Hassan

Martha Kay

She is the current victim of a nude scandal. The truth about her nudes surfacing the on internet is still sketchy, as rumors have it that they were leaked by her boy friend and others saying that she was a victim of blackmail.

However, during an interview with a local TV station, the online comedienne said that she is still as strong as she was before, and that she won’t give up to cyber bullying.

Martha Kay

Maama Fiina

In 2012, Kamunye and Red Peper newspapers published Mama Fiina’s nudes.

Then, she claimed that someone had snooped on her and took these pictures while she was relaxing in her bedroom. The traditional herbalist then dragged the tabloids to courts of law on grounds of defamation and invasion of privacy.

Mama Fiina

Maama Fiina at last came out as a strong woman and went on with her business.

Sanyu Robina Mweruka

As for the Bukedde TV presenter, hers was a sex video, allegedly recorded while having sex with a man identified as Kasumaali. This video made round on social media in 2015.

It was alleged that her private video was leaked by her co-workers at Bukedde TV, who connived to get her fired from the job. But this didn’t happen. Instead, station management just relieved her of the ‘Omuntu wa bantu’ and Agataliko nfuufu (evening news), programmes to Agataliko Mutuntu (Afternoon news).

Sanyu Robina Mweruka

Cindy Sanyu

Cindy said she almost committed suicide when her nudes leaked on social media, this saga happened in 2008.

Despite the pressure the singer was going through, Cindy came out and accepted that the pictures were real not Photoshop.

She claimed that a week before her nudes leaked,  a reporter from RedPepper called her, requesting for money to not publish the pictures. And when she refused to pay, the following day she made a big headline on Red Paper.

Singer Cindy Sanyu


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