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Uganda will promote its coffee in the largest market in Southern China.

The first Uganda Coffee Day was held in Guangzhou, coordinated by the Uganda Consulate in Guangzhou, the Uganda Embassy in Beijing, and the Uganda Coffee Development Authority.

The occasion, which takes place today, March 17 at Guangzhou Jinda Coffee and Beverages, one of the major coffee marketplaces in Southern China, will include cupping and tasting of the latest crop of Robusta and Arabica coffee samples.

The Uganda Coffee Development Authority will host a coffee tasting in Guangzhou and Kampala at the same time.

“The major goal of this event is to promote the distinctive quality of Uganda coffee in China, establish partnerships for Uganda coffee importation into China, and attract investments in Uganda’s coffee sector,” according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Importers, exporters, traders, roasters, dealers in coffee machinery and related equipment, journalists, and relevant government bodies are expected to attend the event, according to organizers.

The Uganda Coffee Day is one of the events marking the 60th anniversary of Uganda-China relations.

The event will be themed “60 years of strategic friendship and collaboration between Uganda and China towards a shared future in Africa.”

Coffee is one of Uganda’s most important exports, accounting for over 30% of the country’s GDP.

Uganda is Africa’s second-largest coffee exporter after Ethiopia, which is noted for producing Robusta coffee, which accounts for at least 80% of total production and 20% of Arabica coffee.

While Europe is Uganda’s largest market (61%) for coffee, China has recently been a target market for the East African country.

This is due to the fact that coffee consumption in China is increasing at a pace of 20% each year on average.

Despite the fact that China’s Yunnan province produces its own coffee, most consumers prefer to buy from foreign coffee companies.

To this end, China presently buys the majority of its coffee from a few Asian countries, with Vietnam accounting for over half of all coffee imports, Indonesia 14%, and Malaysia 5%. (7 percent ).

This rising demand for coffee from other countries, particularly for distinctive coffee blends only accessible outside of Asia, creates an opportunity for Ugandan coffee, which is in great demand around the world.


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