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Uganda strengthens ties with Burundi by establishing a new chancery.

Uganda’s embassy in Bujumbura, Burundi’s capital, has opened a new chancery facility.

President Museveni’s special envoy, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, commissioned the structure, hailing the excellent friendly and bilateral relations between Uganda and Burundi, which he described as “historic in nature” and rooted on shared Pan Africanist and regional integration ideas.

“Today represents yet another milestone in the consolidation of our two sisterly countries’ relations. I’d like to express my gratitude to the government of the Republic of Burundi for their vision and assistance in facilitating this process by allocating valuable and strategically positioned land to the Republic of Uganda for the construction of this Embassy premise.”

Dr. Rugunda also praised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Uganda Embassy Bujumbura team for the three-story structure that will house the country’s Chancery.

He advised the Mission’s personnel to make the most of this facility in order to demonstrate value for money.

“I exhort the Uganda Embassy employees to make the most of this facility by encouraging commerce and business between Uganda and Burundi, as well as improving people-to-people and government-to-government interactions for the mutual benefit of both nations.” As you apply your mandate, the clientele should attest to a better experience going forward.”

According to Rugunda, the government’s decision to build the Chancery in Bujumbura was influenced by the strong relationship of friendship that has developed between the two countries, as well as a desire to save money on rent.

“The government of Uganda has noted with alarm the rising prices of renting premises in various cities around the world, and has come up with a policy of acquiring properties overseas through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help decrease overhead costs,” he said.

He pointed out that the Ugandan government purposefully granted Burundian companies construction and consulting contracts for the building in order to boost their local competence.

“As a result, the chancery building in front of us today not only demonstrates that our aim of obtaining property overseas is attainable, but it also makes a bold message that Uganda is here to stay, and that Burundi is on the rise, peaceful, and a trusted regional partner.”

Rugunda also stated that Uganda Airlines, which now travels to Bujumbura four times a week, will extend this to six times in order to deepen links.

Albert Shingiro, the Burundian Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke at the same event and praised Uganda for constructing a chancery building in Burundi, which he said shows that Uganda is committed to staying in the country.

“This magnificent structure exemplifies Uganda’s dedication to deepening friendship and collaboration between our two countries. It is, without a doubt, a permanent emblem of Burundi’s and Uganda’s longstanding relations. This is extremely significant! “It indicates Uganda is committed to always being a good political and economic partner of Burundi,” Shingiro explained.

He stated that investments and trade are important goals for Ugandan and Burundian Presidents Museveni and Ndashimiye, respectively.

The Burundian foreign affairs minister stated that his country anticipates the third session of the Uganda-Burundi Joint Permanent Commission and business forum as a springboard for promoting trade and investment relations between the two countries.


The government of the Republic of Burundi donated the Ugandan Embassy a plot of land for the Chancery’s development in 2012.

Plot 8467/C is located in Kiyange Village (Quartier Mirrior), Buterere Zone, Ntahangwa Commune, Bujumbura City, and is 11,037 square meters (approximately 3.25 acres).

The Ugandan government decided to start building the Chancery in February 2015.

Ms ROBUCO Enterprise des Travaux de Genie et d’Hydraulique was chosen as the contractor after the bidding procedure, while Centre D’Etudes et de Calculs (CEC) was chosen as the consultant.


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