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Uganda is sending more troops to Somalia.

The UPDF has dispatched a new contingent of peacekeepers to Somalia to replace an equal number of fighters who were recalled from the battlefield after a year of service.

After successfully completing pre-mission training, Uganda Battle Group 35 was flagged off by UPDF Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Wilson Mbadi, at a function conducted at the Peace Support Operations Training Centre (PSO-TC) in Singo, Nakaseke District.

Gen. Mbadi informed the troops that AMISOM is a framework for preventing extremists from seizing control of the Somali government, warning that if this happened, Somalia would become a safe haven for terrorists.

“This army is created on a foundation of ideological orientation to develop cadres who will exercise caution while doing their duties,” he explained.

Gen Mbadi addressed the soldiers that the mission requires professionalism and discipline at all levels while performing their tasks conscientiously.

He noticed that exercising patriotism and Pan-Africanism, rather than personal aggrandizement, is how leadership is envisioned, principles that must be preserved in order to become an effective soldier.

He asked Battle Group 35 to put what they’d learned into practice and to serve as goodwill ambassadors for Uganda while in Somalia.

However, the CDF warned soldiers against engaging in risky conduct that could expose them to diseases like as COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS, which were still prevalent in communities.

The group also urged missionaries to put their hard-earned money into income-generating enterprises such as poultry and fish farming, which would improve their quality of life.

“Commanding officers should urge careless soldiers who spend lavishly to save and invest in income-generating ventures,” he said.

In addition, Gen Mbadi assured the audience that new modern houses will be built for soldiers beginning in the fiscal year 2022/23.

While in the mission region, the Commandant of the training school at Singo, Gen Max Gumisiriza, appealed for discipline and hard labor.


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