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Uganda: How to check who is using your NIN

Public Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) began enlistment of people for National Identity cards in 2014. The public ID card would before long turn into an obligatory report for enlistment of SIM cards of all telecom administrations.

Public Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U) made an undertaking planned to coordinate all administration frameworks and the private area for simple access by the Ugandan residents through a versatile application and online gateway utilizing National ID Number (NIN) as the focal methods for ID.

The NIN has at present advanced to turn into your computerized trail and you ought to in this manner watch it enviously.

Telecoms recently provoked supporters of type in their National ID numbers and afterward the data would be synchronized to see whether it matches before the enrollment was approved. This had provisos as individuals would enroll their SIM Cards with NINs that didn’t have a place with them.

Airtel Uganda had the choice to refresh your SIM card enlistment information online yet each one of those have been stopped by the controller.

As of late, UCC gave an order to telecom administrators against deceitful National ID enlistment of SIM cards as it keeps on battling digital violations. UCC gave a mandate to make accessible the short code 197 to empower clients confirm numbers enlisted to their NINs.

The order pointed toward actuating and updating the 197 code to empower self-check by clients with quick impact. The commission UCC on 26 March, started evaluating consistence by all telecom administrators in accordance with this mandate. The commission says that inability to agree will pull in administrative assents as per the law.

How to check who is using your NIN

You can now check do a self verification to ascertain the numbers registered under your NIN by simply dialling *197# across all networks. You then input your NIN and the list of numbers registered with your NIN will be displayed.

Dial *197#, select option 3 and enter your NIN.

Dial *197#, select option 2 and enter your NIN.

Dialc*197#, select option 1 and enter your NIN.

What if there are unknown numbers using my NIN?

You will be able to demand deactivation of numbers registered to your NIN without your consent by fulfilling the identification requirements with the telecom company and NIRA.


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