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Uganda Government lists 60 agencies to be merged

Government has listed its agencies, commissions and authorities that were approved for mergers or being transferred back to their mother ministries as departments or directorates.

David Karubanga, the Minister of State for Public Service told columnists at the Uganda Media Center that a group that was set up by the public authority assessed 157 elements and thought of suggestions on the best way to make them more receptive to the necessities of Ugandans. The public authority received a portion of the proposals of the board while at times it overruled them.

In a portion of the changes, the Equal Opportunities Commission will be canceled, and its administrations moved to the Uganda Human Rights Commission, since as indicated by the report, equivalent freedoms are common liberties. The Uganda Investment Authority, Enterprise Uganda Foundation Limited, Uganda Exports Promotions Board, Uganda Free Zones Authority, Private Sector Foundation of Uganda and the Privatization Unit have been converged into one element, while the Management Training and Advisory Center has been converged with Nakawa Vocational Training Institute.

Likewise, the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, Uganda Tourism Board, and Uganda Wildlife Authority will be converged into one. The National Youth Council, National Women’s Council, National Council for Children, National Council for Disability and the National Council for Older Persons have additionally been combined into one position, and the National Council of Higher Education will be converged with the National Curriculum Development Center, and Kyambogo Teacher Curriculum focus.

Different substances incorporate the Uganda Allied Health Examinations Board and Uganda Nurses and Midwifery Examinations Board that have been converged to frame one element, the Uganda Nurses and Midwifes Council, Allied Health Professional Council, Medical and Dental Practitioners Council will currently be converged into one gathering, and the Population Secretariat will presently be converged with the Metropolitan Physical Planning Authority, Town and Country Planning Board, National Physical Planning Board and the National Planning Authority.

The Public Service Commission, the Health Service Commission, and Education Service Commission are to likewise be converged into one Service Commission with particular Departments to enlist for specific zones, while the Uganda National Roads Authority, the body responsible for streets will presently turn into an office in the Ministry of Works and Transport. The Uganda Registrations Services Bureau, the National Identification Registration Authority, and the Uganda Non-legislative Registration Board will presently be solidified under one office.

In the energy area, the Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited, Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited and Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited will be merged to frame one power organization. Then again, the Rural Electrification Agency is to return to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development as an office. The Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority was mainstreamed as an office under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives while the Amnesty Commission and the National Citizenship and Immigration Control are to be offices under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Different offices that have been influenced incorporate, the Center for Alternative Disputes, Law Reform Commission and the Electricity Disputes Tribunal which will be units under the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. The National Agricultural Advisory Services, Uganda Trypanosomiasis Control Council, the Uganda Cotton Development Organization, Uganda Coffee Development Authority and the Dairy Development Authority were endorsed to be divisions under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.

Different elements that have seen their status change incorporate; the Students Financing Board, the National Library of Uganda that have been returned under the Ministry of Education and Sports, the National Forestry Authority and the Uganda National Meteorological Authority which will presently be directorates under the Ministry of Water and Environment, the National Roads Safety Board, the Transport Licensing Board and the Uganda Road Fund will be divisions in the Ministry of Works and Transport.

As indicated by the rundown, right around 100 government substances were held as they are while others were either converged with others or returned to their mom services. One organization; Kinyara Sugar Works where government has interest was affirmed for complete privatization.

The priest says this was done in satisfaction of a February 22, proposal by bureau to improve the effectiveness of administration conveyance to the country and furthermore get rid of inefficient uses.


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