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Uganda and Burundi have agreed to collaborate to increase trade.

Uganda’s and Burundi’s governments have agreed to collaborate in order to boost trade between the two East African countries.

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, John Mulimba, remarked during the closing ceremony of the third session of the Burundi-Uganda Joint Permanent Commission in Bujumbura that while there is infrastructure to promote commerce, the volume between the two countries is still low.

“While Uganda and Burundi’s political and diplomatic relations have been cordial, the fruits of peace have yet to be properly harnessed to develop trade links between the two countries, which remain poor, if not the lowest in the East African area,” Mulimba said.

“Uganda and Burundi are land-locked countries, and this session is mandated to discuss infrastructure development projects that address our geographical location challenges, with the goal of connecting both countries via appropriate road and railway networks that provide easy access to global markets.”

If our two countries are to realize their socioeconomic reform agendas and increase the welfare of their populations, the minister stated that both countries must work together to promote bilateral trade connections.

Unwavering assistance

Minister Mulimba stated that the Ugandan government is ready to offer unshakable commitment and willingness to continue working with Burundi to strengthen bilateral relations for mutual benefit.

“As a result, Uganda is prepared to cooperate with Burundi to guarantee that all that is required in terms of a favourable policy climate is in place, and bilateral trade levels between the two countries are increased,” he said.

“Uganda also reaffirms its commitment to collaborate with Burundi to investigate all options for improving the physical and communication infrastructure in order to facilitate trade between the two nations.”

He stressed the importance of both countries cooperating to develop policies and systems to reduce and prevent the spread of future diseases and pandemics like Covid.

Mulimba emphasized the importance of holding Joint Permanent Commissions on a regular basis, as they are crucial in the process.


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