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Two assumed dead as speeding fuel big hauler dives into the Nile at Karuma connect

Police have commenced a quest for two individuals who were tenants of a speeding fuel big hauler that dove into River Nile at Karuma connect in Kiryandongo locale.

The episode, as indicated by the Aswa provincial Police representative, Patrick Jimmy Okema happened before on Saturday when the fuel big hauler enrollment number UAS 337M which was coming from Gulu neglected to brake and let completely go, smashing into the scaffold.

“The speeding vehicle didn’t stop at our checkpoint located at the road to Arua and Kamdin. It continued before it rammed into the guardrails at the bridge before plunging into the water with two occupants who can’t be seen or traced. The fuel tanker belongs to one Charles Busuulwa,” Okema said.

The Aswa police mouthpiece noticed that thruway watch groups from Nwoya locale have been conveyed at the scene to help control traffic stream.

“We appeal to travellers and more especially drivers to observe rules and regulations especially while approaching the bridge.”

The occurrence has raised feelings of trepidation over contaminating the waters on the off chance that it was stacked with fuel.

In any case, when gotten some information about something very similar, the police mouthpiece said it is hard to tell if the big hauler was stacked with fuel, adding that at present, nothing left of the vehicle can be found in the waters.

It is profoundly presumed that the vehicle might have been taken by the waters of the Nile as they stream.

Past episodes

Previously, there have been a few mishaps where vehicles hit the guardrails at Karuma connect prior to diving into the waters.

In 2017, a comparable occurrence happened when a truck conveying cassava from Paidah town in Nebbi District going to Hoima region dove into the water executing three individuals.

In 2000, a transport dove into the stream at similar spot and murdered in any event 11 individuals.


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