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With Barcelona, Todd Boehly has a win-win position with the transfers of Raphinha and Ousmane Dembele.

Chelsea's Todd Boehly is currently tipping the scales heavily, ensuring that the Blues have transfer options.

Chelsea’s Todd Boehly is currently tipping the scales heavily, ensuring that the Blues have transfer options.

You could get away with not knowing exactly where Raphinha will end up this summer. Tuesday morning it appeared as though Arsenal was leading the competition for his mark, but by Tuesday evening Chelsea had secured the deal, agreeing to an expense with Leeds and then wishing to obtain individual terms.

However, Barcelona was attempting to gain control on that particular Wednesday after already agreeing to individual conditions with the Brazilian. Although it is currently hard to predict what will happen, the unforeseen chaos does not guarantee Chelsea’s failure in this competitive transfer battle with the Spanish powerhouses.

Even though Chelsea are the only team to agree to a price with Leeds and appear to be in pole position to sign the 25-year-old, there may be a solid insurance contract waiting by should the most horrendously dreadful happen and the winger ends up at the Camp Nou. Raphinha’s future is in a state of flux, and a massive investigation into what will happen to another winger is on the horizon.

Although the La Liga club has been striving to clarify Dembele’s future, his anticipated flight as a free specialist has consistently felt interwoven with Raphinha. Dembele’s contract officially expires on June 30. It is currently unclear how much money Barcelona will be available to invest in new recruits, even after agreeing to sell 10% of their LaLigaTV freedoms to US company Sixth Street.

Could they retain Dembele regardless of whether they were able to obtain Raphinha? Dembele has consistently felt like an intriguing option for Chelsea to sign on the free agent market. The winger and Thomas Tuchel have an evident respect for one another, and there is also the assumption that with injury problems

Currently, Todd Boehly is involved in numerous agreements, and Chelsea is in negotiations to sign Raheem Sterling, Nathan Ake, and Matthijs de Ligt. This was further illustrated by The Telegraph’s revelation on Thursday that Chelsea had even submitted a last-minute appeal to stop Spurs from signing Richarlison. Chelsea is working quickly to overhaul the roster throughout this window, and they also appear adaptable to move quickly for discretionary goals, which is a good habit to get into.

The last thing Boehly would want is for his most famous window to be destroyed because the club concentrated their resources in one area, despite the fact that it may appear chaotic from the outside. Barcelona needs to make some substantial improvements this summer



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