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To combat tribalism, improve service delivery – Winnie Kiiza

Winnie Kiiza, a former Kasese District Woman MP, has asked the government to improve service delivery in order to reduce tribalism across the country.

Kiiza, who is also the previous leader of the opposition, said that it is critical for the government to deliver services fairly throughout all regions, or else anti-government sentiment will continue to develop.

Kiiza made these comments on the NBS Frontline show on Thursday evening.

“Poor service delivery causes the issue of tribe, with everyone trying to be on top of their tribe. People believe that if they have their own, they will have at least eaten on their behalf,” Kiiza stated.

Kiiza’s remarks come against a backdrop of a lot of tribal attitudes that have been openly and emotionally expressed since Jacob Oulanyah’s death, when the seat of Speaker of Parliament became vacant.

In a petition to President Museveni, MPs from the Acholi, Lango, and West Nile Parliamentary Caucuses requested that the job of Speaker be ring-faced for someone from their region, which the government declined.

Kiiza described Oulanyah as a dedicated and courteous man who would not have agreed with the tribalism attitudes expressed by some politicians.

“He was a strong, diligent, and respected man.” He had a tale for both children and adults. He was a fantastic teacher. I’d like to express my gratitude to him.

He quickly expressed regret. He wouldn’t want to hear about concerns of division,” Kiiza explained.


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