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Threats to the preservation of vintage cars have owners calling for changes to policy

Vintage car preservation under threat,owners push for policy changes

Vintage car owners are calling on the government to consider the historical and cultural significance of their vehicles and exempt them from certain regulations.

They argue that the large number plates assigned to vintage cars symbolise their contribution to the country’s heritage.

Maintaining vintage cars on the road has become increasingly challenging, according to the owners.

Most vintage cars are air-cooled and lack modern features like radiators.

These cars struggle to receive enough airflow due to the narrowing roads and frequent traffic congestion; this issue was less common when the roads were broader and there were fewer cars on them. As a result, the engine overheats.

Speaking on the significance of maintaining historic cars, Macky Mwebingwa, the chairperson of the historic Collectables Rotary Fellowship, said, “When we talk about heritage, we talk about culture, traditions, and old buildings.” However, we can’t overlook these classic cars since they are a part of our history.

Six-digit number plates are one of the main complaints made by owners of older cars.

They draw attention to the challenges in getting road licenses for these vehicles because the existing system does not recognize them.

They have paid taxes on their import and throughout the years, but now they have to switch to the new seven-digit plates, which is inconvenient and could result in the loss of these treasured cars.

The proprietors reaffirmed their dedication to maintaining classic vehicles and said that


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