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This week, Roman Abramovic will get his first official proposal for Chelsea

This week, Roman Abramovic will get his first official proposal for Chelsea from Todd Boehly and Hansjorg Wyss, two American-Swiss billionaires.

Todd Boehly and Hansjorg Wyss, a partnership led by Oman Abramovich, are expected to make the first bid for Chelsea this week.

The Russian is on the lookout for a £3 billion buyer for Chelsea after severing connections with the club following questions about his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

To drive through Chelsea’s sale, Abramovich is wiping off £1.5 billion in debt, arguing that he had “the club’s best interests at heart” when he put the Blues on the market.

He’s hired US bankers Raine Group to locate a buyer, and he’s reportedly set a March deadline for offers.

Roman Abramovich is looking for someone to buy Chelsea

A bid of roughly £2 billion is expected from Boehly and Wyss, who control a share in the Los Angeles Dodgers. It might arrive as early as Friday.

At least two additional organizations are considering a bid.

And Jim Ratcliffe, who is worth approximately £6 billion and is one of Britain’s wealthiest men, might make an offer through his Ineos business.

Chelsea’s journey to FIVE Premier League titles was financed by Abramovich, whose boat was photographed in Barcelona yesterday, but chief executive Richard Masters says his impending exit is “pleasant.”

Todd Boehly is thought to be part of a consortium interested in buying Chelsea

“It’s the proper decision,” Masters added.

“Over the last seven days, the situation has become a lot worse, and he’s come to the correct conclusion that it’s unsustainable in the current context.”

“This is a welcome decision, and the sooner the selling process closes and completes, the sooner everyone, especially the fans, can have clarity.”

Abramovich's yacht was spotted docked in Barcelona on Thursday

The sale procedure may be difficult, and Abramovich will remain the club’s owner until the League approves a takeover proposal.

However, the Premier League is attempting to reassure Chelsea fans that, even if Abramovich faces fines, the squad will be able to play in the coming weeks.


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