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There are more than 120 students whose school fees have not been paid. Oulanyah was concerned about the future.

A total of 120 pupils whose school fees were paid by Jacob Oulanyah, the deceased former Speaker of Parliament, have expressed concern about their future.

The pupils, the majority of whom attend Seroma Christian High School in Mukono, told Muyenga mourners on Sunday that the deceased former speaker of the 11th parliament had taken the initiative to pay for their schooling needs, but they were unsure what would happen following his death.

“He used to give us everything,” says the narrator. He chose me in 2019 and I am presently in s.3. Not only was he my sponsor, but he was also my mentor and father. Our modest request to the government, particularly the Speaker, is as follows:

We used to get everything from the Rt.Hon Jacob Oulanyah. He chose us and gave us hope through education. We don’t know what the future holds. Prossy Oyella warned mourners, “This might be our final time to go to school.”

The pupils informed mourners that the deceased former speaker saved them from a situation where they couldn’t continue their education due to a variety of obstacles, including school costs, by enrolling them at Seroma Christian High School in Mukono and paying for all of their expenses.


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