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The Zanzibar airport has launched a Covid test scan that does not require a sample.

A new Covid-19 testing gadget has been unveiled at Zanzibar’s major airport, a renowned tourist destination in Tanzania.

Instead of providing nose or mouth swabs, passengers arriving at the Abeid Amani Karume International Airport are now examined using a scanner to detect the virus.

This scientific achievement is the product of $1 billion (£737 million) in research performed by the Abu Dhabi government, which is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Zanzibar and Abu Dhabi have a long-standing friendship, and the Tanzanian archipelago has traditionally attracted a large number of visitors from the United Arab Emirates.

On Wednesday morning, the first group of passengers to be tested with the new device flew in on Fly Dubai.

“It’s a pretty quick and efficient system.” “I couldn’t believe I’d been scanned in such a short amount of time and that my results were already available,” one Saudi Arabian passenger remarked.

The health minister of Zanzibar stated that the country had not seen any Covid-19 cases since January and that the authorities were willing to welcome any technology that would relieve tourist strain.

The epidemic has had a significant impact on the semi-autonomous area, as it has on the rest of Tanzania.

Zanzibar’s vice-president was among those who died from the illness almost a year ago.


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