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The UPDF and the Congolese army have opened a new front against the ADF.

When Congolese nationals witnessed a UPDF convoy enter the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through the Lubiriya-Kasindi border post, they were ecstatic.

When Congolese nationals witnessed a UPDF convoy enter the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through the Lubiriya-Kasindi border post, they were ecstatic.

The convoy, headed by 222 Brigade Commander Col Christopher Columbus Tumwine, signaled the commencement of the second axis for offensive action against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

Col Endubu Madawa Danny, the joint operation Shujja Coordinator, received UPDF at the Lubiriya customs station.

Col Christopher Columbus Tumwine, speaking to the crowd in Lubiriha, expressed gratitude for the good greeting and urged Congolese to continue to support the combined forces by reporting ADF whereabouts and dissociating from anti-peace individuals.

“The days of ADF terrorists are drawing to a close.” I’m encouraging them to submit or face our fury. We’ll go after them from every direction, whether it’s along this road or deep in the villages. We’ll accomplish it alongside our Congolese brothers, the FARDC, and you, the Congolese people.” Col Columbus Tumwine stated.

Meanwhile, Col Endubu Madawa Danny briefed the crowd on the second front operation Shujja’s mission, which includes securing the road building project as well as fighting ADF remnants in the area.

“The united forces agreed to open up this front following the meeting of the two Generals at the Kasindi hotel in order to flush out ADF remnants and protect the Kasindi-Beni-Butembo road building project.” Col Madawa clarified.

It should be remembered that on the 15th of January 2022, Maj Gen Bombelle Camille Ehola and Maj Gen Kayanja Muhanga, while meeting at Hotel Kasindi, devised a mechanism to open the second axis, allowing the joint forces to continue offensive action against the ADF while also securing the Kasindi-Beni-Butembo road construction; the tasks were to be carried out simultaneously.

Muhammed Wulimwengo, a 37-year-old Kasindi local, breathed a sense of relief when he saw Ugandan troops joining the Congo army. He described it as a nice gesture that could lead to long-term peace.

“We’re tired of running up and down in fear of NALU,” says one participant (ADF). They come at night to kidnap or murder people. Please, we’re exhausted. “All we want is peace.”

Paskal Shalikula, a cultivator in Kalembo hamlet, was ecstatic to see the UPDF arrive in Congo. He claims that his family now only eats one meal a day because he stopped tilling his land because he was afraid of rebel raids.

“The last time I went to pick my cassava, a neighbor ran up to me and said NALU were on their way. Even my hoe had to be left in the garden. Thank you very much for attending. We wish to live in peace. Because to ADF, we are poor and dying of hunger,” stated Paskal Shalikula.

Before deploying along the Kasindi-Beni road, Jesline Kolongo, 24, urged joint troops to move deep into areas where ADF/NALU is harassing residents.

Silver Kahindo, 29, believes that now that Ugandan troops have arrived in Congo, the border should be opened to allow people to freely travel to Uganda and collect food from family there.

She was alluding to the COVID-19 blockade, which prevents individuals from crossing borders.


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