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The street preachers have been given 30 days to leave Kampala

Hudu Hussein, the Resident City Commissioner of Kampala Capital City (RCC), has issued a 30-day ultimatum to street preachers in Kampala.

Hussein told journalists at the Uganda Media Centre that “unseriousness” will not be tolerated in his efforts to establish a neater, more organized city.

“Our beloved pastors, we love you so much,” Hussein added, “but I am granting you a 30-day amnesty so that you abandon the streets; we want a more serious city.”

Hussein was introducing what he called the “seven new steps” aimed at sanitizing Kampala city when he said this.

Hussein said, “All pastors, sellers, children beggars, and other disorganized groups should leave the City.”

The RCC also announced plans to register all boda boda riders, paint and light up the city’s principal structures, and implement new procedures on buildings that still assist street merchants.

In his quest for a cleaner city, he threatened that no stone would be left unturned.

The reaction of social media

The RCC’s decree elicited varied reactions, with some saying it was long overdue and others, mostly street preachers, warning the RCC to tread carefully.

“RCC Hudu Hussein may have pressed the incorrect button. You can’t put the Lord’s Gospel and those who spread it in jeopardy. The next 30 days could be yours!!” Godfrey Kuteesa expressed his opinion.

“Kampala is merely the administrative center.” “With this Gospel, we are called to change the world,” said Moses, a street preacher under Phaneero.


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