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The Realities We See: If Hopelessness was the only way!

For behind your loses will a great gain arise, that will heavily console your unheard pain with His greatest goodness.

Great, godly, and life changing, the realities we see sets before you messages, whose destiny is to untie your mind from discouragement, and make a gracious change, in your life through encouragement. Though the looks of this world portray you as an abandoned soul, yet the looks of God’s promises say He is gathering you up, from all your former messes, to a life fully restored.

If this draining hopelessness, covered with pits of heavy darknesses, like life shaking pandemics, or those endless disasters that leave lives destroyed, lost, and homeless, is the only expected way, believably to be taken, what would this world’s aprehensible appearance really resemble?

What would earth’s unable humans, grow to be likened to, or the known insufficiencies of these painful times, turn out to really be? But thank God, for the needless imagination, for there lives a greater way than these chains, with laid shades of true grace beyond every known circumstance, and that’s the way of great hope!

Could you be that once vision led bird, that flew its great wings amidst a welcoming world, with an ever confident heart to be, yet now only caged amidst a raw, in earth’s ever thick yet sorrounding moments, in a dark place of endless pain, laying, losing every bit of pure life as though in a crucifixion occurrence, of your once lively vision, yet now a great fading?

Or could you be that once known soul of joy, that shared its whole with every one, with human claps that encouraged, and lovely souls that cheerfully recepted, yet now, amidst a helpless way of your entire self, not even one of what did it then, could ever redo it for your desperacy? Well the present voice says, “cheer up, for hopelessness is not the only way!”

For there lives a way higher than the ways of men, and a light higher than the lights of men, and whoever takes it, no matter what may seem to hold, he’ll never be a life of total loses. For behind your loses will a great gain arise, that will heavily console your unheard pain with His greatest goodness.

Phil.4.8 For the rest, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and weigh and take account of these things [fix your minds on them]. (AMP)

What would these great hands of a scripture intend to craft us into, through this great good command, of letting lose of anything different, but true, worthy, honorable, just, pure, kind, and gracious; “true hope!” it simply means, that whatever is not of hope, or leaping in expectations, is not worth the mind’s focus.

Though this planet may appear dark, yet a great light from within, desires to break through it, to enlighten every dark place, into a life so filled, with gracious days of true life.

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In the ancient of times, when the apostles lived so well to preach, the acts unveils to our dot com eyes, some of the heaviest tragedies that befell them, with a great signal, that trouble may never miss out its unwanted show in our mortal lives, as long as this world still is.

Some fell under bloody traps, like stephan and James, but true life’s camera never missed its great lens on Paul and Silas, as one of the darkest days, came eye to eye with them. On an account of a great gospel work, the mob felt so betrayed, when its fortune teller, that made them lots of money, was saved from those evil spirits, by Paul and Silas. This birthed the horrors of this iconic moment, that left Paul and Silas bitten up, and dragged into a prison cell. (symbolising today, that some of the things that befall us, don’t need to be called for, for them to come, and leave us homeless, helpless, or lifeless, locked in places of nothing but hopelessness and helplessness)

But because it’s not always a sorrounding of hope, when you choose to heartfully embrace, mindfully think, and wholly walk in hope, but even more, amidst any paints of endless pain, with no surety for the next breathe, or life, or even those you once laid out for.

But in the middle of what evil calls better, as Paul and Silas were painfully contemplating on whether it’s worth it, for them to suffer this much, just for the good of Jesus, a tinny light of wisdom broke through, for the first moment amidst this whole chaos, into there minds, that made a way amidst the train of discouragement they beheld. It was like the parting of the red sea, for the children of Israel to pass through, or the opening of the fish’s mouth, for worn out Jonah to finally see earth again.

If only you, can land on a light filled thought, you can never fail nomatter, for surely the sense of its whole new impacting difference, amidst the train of dark thoughts, will surely fill you with its courage, and knowledge of things far greater, and as you embrace it, with your whole, your bondage gets broken for true freedom, as you grown to a much better day!

So they sensed the life in it, it’s worthiness, that surpassed any heights of earth known, it’s truthfulness that confirmed there destinies, oh, how honorable it was to behold, for the greatest glory of Christ felt as though the present airs they breathed, with its just reasons that confirmed with them the phrase, “for there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus”. Oh, yet so much to tell, but the grace, the purity, the kindness as they unveiled into the atmosphere of speaking God’s entire beauty (worship), with there minds, beyond the very mess they seemed to own, for entirely in hope, they managed to recover.

With a quick breaking climax, the presence of God’s true hope overturned the power of the binding discoveragement in there atmosphere, prisons were shaken, and chains were broken off there feet, confirming the beautiful phrase to there tangible fears, that behold everything is now new. For the old is gone, and behold the new has come.

Can’t the beautiful things of God hoped for, really change your circumstances too? Hope, but hope in God alone!



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