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The next solar village being built in Kabale, Uganda, will connect over 100 homes to solar power

Hundreds of rural communities have benefitted under the solar villages model intervention, which encourages people to embrace renewable energy options.

In Ruhita, Kafunjo parish, Ruhara sub county in Kabale district, the seventh solar village has been launched by SENDEA Uganda, a local cooperative which supports renewable energy businesses. It will connect at least 100 rural families to renewable energy solutions.

To make inexpensive solar systems accessible to the hundreds of Ugandans who are left out of the traditional hydro power infrastructure, the Association of SENDEA Uganda has the goal of extending access and reducing cost.

Hundreds of rural communities have benefitted under the solar villages model intervention, which encourages people to embrace renewable energy options.

We provide a cost-effective solution for solar accessories through our partnership with a solar organization in order to provide communities that are part of our solar village initiative with reduced cost on their solar purchases. “We allow for small monthly installment payments by examining their economic activities,” says Loy Kyazaire, the CEO of SENDEA Uganda.

We are beginning our project at Ruhita Village, where most residents are potato and passion fruit farmers. These luxury solar add-ons, all of which are heavily subsidized, are affordable for them.

Kyozaire believes that the adoption of effective solar appliances can improve illumination and spark economic and social activities, resulting in a better standard of living for SENDEA’s customers.

While the solar village has started in the foggy rural area of Kigezi, this means that the agricultural community in the Kigezi region must manufacture higher-quality accessories to guarantee energy retention.

It’s perpetually cold and gray in this city.” Often, the sunlight appears considerably dimmer than usual.

Kasese. To ensure that our solar products have the capabilities to last even when the weather isn’t favorable, we ensure they have adequate technological capacity.

Allan Ntaale, an electronics distributor in Kabale area, described it as “sunny.”

In addition to its implementing partner, Solar Aid, the SENDEA project is dedicated to improving the lives of Uganda’s rural populations through access to cheaper renewable energy resources.

In communities like Ruhita, which you know well, the electrical infrastructure is easy to see, because to its proximity to the roadside. Most community members have no connections with each other. “We have long hoped to make solar a part of Ugandan life. Now that Solar First will help the whole country access solar energy, there will be a better future for Uganda,” stated Izdolo Tumusiime, Director of Solar First – Uganda.

The Ruhita LC1 chairman, Emmanuel Sabiiti, among others, applauded the project, describing it as a fantastic idea.

The Ruhita Solar Village would also give the villagers a chance to share the newest information on internet and TV with each other. “Sabiiti believes that “even our children who are out of school would be able to learn better.”

In order to pay for renewable energy hardware, the payment from the sales of their small-scale farming businesses will be essential in providing modest monthly payments of less than 50,000 to go to the families for agricultural products.


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