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The Kampala Innovation Week 2021 has begun.

Under the topic "Harnessing the Power of Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Uganda's Digital Transformation and Job Creation," the event will be held as a hybrid (mostly virtual) event.

Following complaints of a lack of funding for Ugandan youth start-ups, Startup Uganda and its partners have launched an initiative in which young innovators will be given the opportunity to pitch and display their potential to investors in order to raise funds to grow their businesses.

This was announced at the kick-off of the 2021 Kampala Innovation Week (KIW), which will be held from November 22 to November 26 and will focus on innovation for national development.

Under the topic “Harnessing the Power of Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Uganda’s Digital Transformation and Job Creation,” the event will be held as a hybrid (mostly virtual) event.

The innovation week will bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, government stakeholders, and development partners to explore innovation’s successes, failures, and possibilities for growth.

The 2021 Innovation Week, according to Jean Kukunda, vice chairman of Startup Uganda, will be a venue dedicated to digital transformation, job development, and economic sustainability in light of innovation.

“Uganda’s innovation space is at a critical juncture. Our answers to the pandemic’s repercussions, particularly in the areas of agriculture, education, and health, will have a significant impact on the economy’s trajectory in the years ahead. Keeping spaces like Kampala Innovation Week alive is an important aspect of this development,” she said.

Kukunda has officially opened nominations for the Startup Uganda Awards 2021, which will honor trailblazing technological innovations that have solved Ugandan problems.

Education, agriculture, health, technology, and communication are among the areas for nomination.

She mentioned that the winners will receive a monetary award and that the nomination period will expire at the end of October.

During the innovation week, the nominees will be revealed.

Chris Lukolyo, the digital head for the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) in Uganda, stated that the country’s innovation culture has grown.

Startup Uganda is a network of innovation and entrepreneurship support groups dedicated to improving the startup ecosystem and industry in Uganda.


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