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The Joint Medical Store distributes masks and sanitizer to non-profit hospitals worth Shs956 million.

Dr. Sam Orach, the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau's Executive Secretary, praised JMS for the donation, which he said will go a long way toward protecting health workers.

A total of 93,600 N95-white type Masks and 2000 Litres of Clinisafe hand sanitizer worth Shs956 million have been donated to health professionals in 80 non-profit hospitals across the country by Joint Medical Store.

A total of ten Members of Parliament benefited from the donation.

“Because health personnel are the first point of contact for patients, they are more likely to be exposed. As a supply chain organization, Joint Medical Store deemed it prudent to protect foot troops at health facilities,” said Dr. Bildard Baguma, JMS Executive Director.

“COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the health-care system and the economy. Even more concerning is the toll it has taken on health personnel, with some even giving their lives to combat the pandemic. As a result, it is prudent for everyone to get vaccinated, but above all, to follow the established rules and SOPs.”

Dr. Sam Orach, the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau’s Executive Secretary, praised JMS for the donation, which he said will go a long way toward protecting health workers.

“The Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau’s health workers have also been hit by the widespread diseases. According to data obtained from our network up to June 2021, over 2,635 health workers tested positive, with 33 percent of them stationed in the greater Kampala metropolitan area, owing to the region’s proximity to the majority of national referral centers for severe cases,” Dr.Orach added.

“Since the first Covid case was documented in Uganda in March 2020, UPMB has been working diligently to generate funds to help member health facilities with personal protective equipment,” stated Dr. Tonny Tumwesigye, Executive Director of the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau.

Unfortunately, 259 health personnel were infected with COVID-19, but they were able to recover. We’ve noticed that there’s still a need for additional assistance. As a result, we’d like to thank Joint Medical Store for donating face masks to several of our MHFs. We hope that by doing so, we will be able to limit the chance of the virus spreading.”

Dan Kimosho led a delegation of ten members of parliament.


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