The criticism of the West’s unwavering backing for Ukraine is unfounded.

Ukrainian resistance to invading Russian soldiers has undoubtedly drew extraordinary levels of international support, not just from the West but from all corners of the globe.

As hypocritical as it may sound, this level of support for Ukraine and pressure on Russia creates a precedent that future aggressors will think twice before starting a war.

Individuals all throughout the world, as well as international governing agencies, are united in their support for Ukrainians.

The US and its western allies, on the other hand, are being chastised for their backing for Ukraine. As expected, the West has been a major player in this struggle, albeit it has avoided direct combat.

They had warned for months that Russia would invade Ukraine, but the more warnings they issued, the more condemnation they received.

They were initially accused of ‘war mongering,’ and now, despite their accurate warnings, the west is being chastised for their disproportionate backing, having previously turned a blind eye when other countries were invaded. In the worst-case scenario, the west has been accused of being the primary aggressors.

While this criticism appears to be appreciated, there are a few things to examine before we completely miss the point. There was always going to be a lot to question, a lot to learn, hundreds of mistakes to make, but most crucially, a new precedent to set, just like in any other global crisis.

My argument and optimism will be based on the latter.

Since World War II, there has been a narrative promoted by Russia and its allies that western countries have been the world’s major aggressors and violators of international law (WW II).

While this may be true, as we have seen in recent history with the west’s dubious operations in Iraq and Libya, it does not exonerate Putin and Russia from invading other countries. Justifying a wrongdoing by blaming someone else is not only juvenile, but also irresponsible.

According to a tweet from the Chinese embassy last month, the US was responsible for 81 percent of the world’s military conflicts between WWII and 2001. The Russian Embassy in Uganda tweeted the same thing, and Uganda’s land forces commander and president’s son also tweeted in support of the invasion.

While some of Russia’s worries and demands may be valid, at what cost should they be met? Should we just forget about the Ukrainian people, the women and children who have been forced to evacuate their homes because western countries have been involved in conflicts in the past and have gotten away with it?

At the risk of seeming naive or overconfident, I believe we can use the precedent set today to hold western countries accountable in the future.

Let us not bemoan the world’s huge support with Ukraine; this is precisely the kind of solidarity we will expect the next time Israel assaults Palestine.

We should not target European states, particularly those who have previously professed neutrality while providing massive financial and military aid to Ukraine, because we will hold them accountable the next time a massive nation terrorizes one of its neighbors.

Let us applaud the EU’s quick action in opening its borders to Ukrainian refugees, as this is the standard we expect to see in the future for Syrian, Afghan, and other migrants from across the world.

Choosing to focus solely on the hypocrisy now is tantamount to asking for the assistance for Ukraine to be withdrawn.

We should take advantage of the fact that almost all nations are willing and open to compromise now to embrace steps that could help Western countries shape better foreign and immigration policies.

The United Kingdom, for example, which has one of the strictest immigration policies, is under pressure from its own MPs to review its refugee visa policies. If this is successful, it will aid hundreds of other refugees who will be arriving in the United Kingdom in the future.

We won’t anticipate any corporate hullabaloo when players like Mesut Ozil and others speak out on Palestine, Yemen, and the atrocities faced by the Uyghurs in China now that FIFA and other sports authorities have taken a stand to support Ukraine and isolate Russia.

This international solidarity with Ukraine will show future aggressors, such as China, the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, how the rest of the world views them. It will no longer be business as usual.

It is critical, however, that we continue to call attention to some of the inexcusable wrongs that have occurred thus far in this conflict.

Unfortunately, the media has been among the first to fall short of expectations, as we continue to see blatant racial bias reporting with overtones of white supremacy.

This is due to the ignorance of some western journalists, who have only just realized that conflict can touch everyone, and that anyone, regardless of where they live or the color of their skin, can be compelled to quit their country and become a refugee.

Africans seeking to enter the Ukrainian border have also been subjected to racial discrimination. This contradicts the international solidarity that Ukraine is receiving.


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