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The boy who fell into a well and inspired the entire country to come to his rescue has died.

The Moroccan royal palace announced on Saturday that a 5-year-old kid who had been stranded for four days in a deep hole had died.

The Moroccan royal palace announced on Saturday that a 5-year-old kid who had been stranded for four days in a deep hole had died.

In a statement made by the palace, Moroccan King Mohammed VI extended his sympathies to the boy’s parents.

Rayan, the kid, was rescued from the well Saturday night following a lengthy operation that drew worldwide attention.

An Associated Press reporter at the scene observed the youngster wrapped in a yellow blanket after he emerged from a tunnel excavated expressly for the rescue.

Before the boy emerged, his parents were led to an ambulance.

As the rescue efforts stretched on into the night, messages of support and concern for the youngster flooded in from all around the world.

A rope was used to deliver oxygen and drink to the boy, as well as a camera to keep an eye on him. “It is not possible to identify the child’s condition at this moment,” Abdelhadi Temrani, the director of the rescue group, said Saturday morning. However, we pray to God that the infant is still alive.”

For days, I was in the well.

On Tuesday evening, Rayan fell down a 32-meter (105-foot) well near his home in the town of Ighran in Morocco’s hilly northern Chefchaouen province. He became stuck in a hole that was too small for rescuers to safely enter.

Bulldozers were utilized for three days to dig a parallel ditch. They then began excavating a horizontal tunnel to reach the stranded kid on Friday. Experts in topographical engineering were requested, according to Morocco’s MAP news agency.

According to Temrani, who spoke to local television station 2M on Saturday, rescuers only had two meters (yards) to dig to reach the hole where the youngster was buried.

“The diggers came across some hard rock along the route and had to be careful not to cause any landslides or fissures,” he said. “Getting rid of the rock took around five hours since the digging was slow and careful to prevent producing cracks in the pit from below, which could damage the structure.”

Fearing that the soil surrounding the well may fall on the youngster, the labor was exceptionally arduous.

Villagers congregate.
Hundreds of villagers and others had gathered to observe the rescue operation, joining his anguished parents.

The village of about 500 people is dotted with deep wells, many of which are used to irrigate the cannabis crop, which is the main source of income for many in Morocco’s Rif Mountains’ poor, remote, and arid region. The majority of the wells are protected by covers.

The circumstances behind the boy’s fall into the well are unknown.

Moroccans around the country took to social media to express their wishes for the boy’s life, using the hashtag #SaveRayan to draw international attention to the rescue attempts.


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