Tension between opposing players jeopardizes the team’s togetherness.

The opposition’s efforts to establish a united front against the NRM have been hampered by recent exchanges among the top leadership of the opposition political parties.

Some experts blamed the absence of strong leadership among opposition groups for the uncoordinated troop movement, while others accused the NRM of fueling the disputes for political gain.

Norbert Mao, the DP’s president general, has sparked a twitter frenzy in recent weeks, accusing his opposition comrades of not being honest and sincere in their drive to depose Museveni.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine of the NUP, Dr. Kizza Besigye of the FDC, and others have been targeted by Mao.

The ruling NRM has acted as if they were onlookers, cheering and jeering from the sidelines.

True opposition members “will be seen via their acts,” Kyagulanyi stated at a press conference this week, a veiled criticism on Mao’s recent Twitter activity, according to some.

The DP’s spokeswoman, Opio Okoler Amanu, stated that the opposition needs to clean house.

“Some of the opposition leadership’s personalities are founded on lies. “They have usurped the true resistance,” Amanu remarked, without going into detail.

Prof Ogenga Latigo, a former leader of the opposition, blamed the impasse in the senior opposition leadership on the lack of quality leaders.

The disputes, according to senior lawmaker Wasswa Lule, are undermining the opposition forces.

“The status of opposition life is concerning. The fights are toxic since everyone is alienating the other, according to Lule.

Speaking the truth, according to Amanu, will bring the opposition together.

“We don’t think the fights will affect the parties,” he said, “but when we speak the truth, we aid reconciliation.”

Certain things, according to Latigo, must occur in order for the opposition to grow strong.

“For DP, a shift in the party will have to happen with Mao’s departure, for FDC, we told them they wouldn’t last long, NUP is in its early phases [of establishment], and for UPC, they’re already in the crocodile’s stomach,” Latigo stated.

He warned that the scars left by pointless exchanges would make it difficult for these parties to work together in the future, and that their followers would be the hardest hit.

“They will eventually temper their rage,” he continued, “but it must be done soberly and under decent leadership.”


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