Tamale Mirundi to Museveni: Your family is Ugada’s biggest problem

Former Senior Presidential Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has said President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s family is Uganda’s biggest problem.

The controversial political analyst told the President that instead of using the taxpayers money to groom new NRM MPs in Kyankwanzi retreat, he should first deal with some of his family members who have made it a tendency to run Uganda as their household.

Mirundi made the revelation on Thursday through a local Youtube Channel- TMO.

It’s now coming to two weeks since NRM Members of Parliament went to Kyankwanzi for orientation on how they must conduct parliamentary duties in the interest of the ruling party. While addressing MPs, President Museveni urged the legislators to concentrate on working for the people who elected them instead of working for themselves.

However, according to Mirundi, even if the NRM MPs transparently work for their voters when President Museveni has not settled the issue of ‘small gods’ within his family,Uganda will never achieve anything good.

“There is a subterfuge, headed by Museveni’s in-law Odrek Rwabwogo which is eating up the entire Museveni government and also created a fellowship that now decides for the entire country. All the problems Uganda is facing originate from the palace (State House). In fact, for me I believe that instead of taking people to Kyankwanzi, Museveni must call for a family meeting first because all the problems originate from those people, every kind of humiliation comes from there,” the veteran journalist claimed.

“I sympathize with him because I’m a family man too. In politics, we know that a leader cannot hold power if his family expands. Saddam Hussein was a good man but when his daughters got married, problems started escalating.

This is the same thing happening to President Museveni, there is an in-law who entered Museveni’s family dying to be the next president which has birthed problems within and in turn, this has affected every Ugandan.”

Mirundi also added that the powerful ‘small gods’ within Museveni’s family are also influencing every institution in the country and whoever is appointed in a position must be willing to follow their instructions.


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