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Swedish rapper Timbuktu is spending two days in Uganda.

Timbuktu, a well-known Swedish rapper, is visiting and exchanging cultures with Uganda for two days.

Esther Kirabo and the jazz trio MASAKA trio provide accompaniment for the artist.

Their tour will involve a range of events that promote artistic freedom and cultural engagement with Uganda. The highlight of the program will be an exclusive concert featuring a jazz and hip hop fusion.

While in Uganda, they will also engage on various projects, such as workshops and live performances, with Pearlwood, Selam’s national partner, and rapper and record producer Navio from Uganda.

The ensemble will pledge to combat gender-based violence by signing the Orange Pledge and participating in a brief performance with Navio.

Furthermore, in order to introduce the new Connect for Culture Africa (CFCA) initiative to important Ugandan stakeholders and to establish a forum for policy discussion regarding the difficulties and opportunities associated with obtaining public funding for the country’s cultural sector, Selam will collaborate with Pearlwood to organize a roundtable discussion.

Maria Håkansson, the Swedish Ambassador to Uganda, stated, “I hope that this week’s visit will contribute to a platform for dialogue and exchange between Swedish and Ugandan artists, civil society, media, and policy makers on the potential of cultural and creative industries and the importance of artistic freedom.” Culture builds bridges and creates understanding, she added.

Teshome Wondimu, the CEO and founder of Selam, stated that the group will advance its push for more financing for the cultural sector by governments worldwide during its visit to Uganda.

“We are thrilled to present CICA Connect For Culture Africa, our new initiative where we are fighting for enhanced public support for the cultural sector and to carry out our activities in Uganda.”

Teshome clarified that they would subsequently have a roundtable discussion as part of the tour to examine the prospects and problems of obtaining public support for the nation’s cultural sector.

He stated that the goal of the tour is to increase awareness and advocacy for issues that impact both Sweden and Uganda, as well as to fortify the creative ties between the two nations.


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