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Struggling Ralf Rangnick, the manager of Manchester United, has issued a warning to Harry Maguire

Struggling Ralf Rangnick, the manager of Manchester United, has issued a warning to Harry Maguire following his recent bad performances.

Ralf Rangnick, Harry Maguire’s manager, has informed him that his form needs to improve.

However, the interim Manchester United manager has declined to drop the defender or remove him from his captaincy.

Maguire, 28, has had a particularly rough season so far, with a string of bad showings, the latest of which came against Southampton on Saturday.

As a result, many fans demanded that the world’s most expensive defender of all time sit out a few games.

Rangnick requested £85 million in damages. Despite playing in a back four for United, England, and Leicester on a regular basis, Maguire is still getting used to it.

The German also revealed that his players are afraid of being pressed: “I believe he played exceptionally well after returning from injury, putting in a strong performance against West Ham.

Harry Maguire has been told his form must improve as Manchester United captain
“He’s our captain, and I don’t see why that should change.”

But, like the rest of the team, he is a player who must improve and develop.

“We’ve changed the way we play. He is used to playing in a back three with the England national team.

“He’s in a back four now, but he’s not as active. It will take him some time to adjust to it.”

Some Manchester United supporters want to see Raphael Varane start alongside Victor Lindelof at the back.

That follows two dreadful performances by Maguire, first against Burnley and then against Saints, in which he was derided for his ‘no-look defending’ and was fortunate not to concede a penalty.

Michael Owen, a former Manchester United and Three Lions striker, slammed the bumbling centre-back.

“I did fear for him,” Owen admitted, “and that was extremely uncomfortable.”

He’s sluggish to begin with, but he was outwitted there.

Ralf Rangnick is struggling to get the best out of his under-firing squad

“His lack of speed is a serious issue. It’s been said before, and it’ll be said again.

“He could have been squeezing up to the goal, but he’s terrified of the space behind him.”

After Maguire’s horror at Turf Moor, legendary United centre-back Rio Ferdinand lambasted him.

“I’m not sure if that’s a physical and mental hangover after the Euros, I’m not sure.” There hasn’t been the kind of consistency you’d expect from a guy of that caliber.”

Kleberson, an ex-United midfielder, added: “To replace Harry Maguire, Manchester United will need to make some signings at the centre-back position.

“He’s a fantastic player and captain, but there are far too many times when he falls short, especially when playing one-on-one or against fast opponents. He requires assistance in defending himself.

“They need someone in the air who is faster and stronger, who can anticipate what will happen and who can stop counter-attacks.””



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